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Going to Tam Dao to hide from summer’s heat

80km from Hanoi capital, Tam Dao resort is located in the north of Tam Dao district. Although not too wide, the tourist destinations here are quite close together, you just need to walk to be able to visit beautiful and interesting places here.

Tam Dao town of Vinh Phuc province has a natural area of 214.85 ha surrounded by the Tam Dao National Nature Reserve, with clean, cool climate with an average temperature of about 18 ° C. Nature with the traces of time has given this place a wonderful scene: both poetic, natural, majestic, fanciful,…

Tam Dao tourist site is not too wide, the tourist sites are quite close together, you just walk to visit most beautiful and interesting places here.

1. Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple

To get to the Temple you will have to climb about 200 rock steps along the way up. The temple is home to a beautiful legend, with the dream landscape of the white cloud town is still intact.


Ba Chua Thuong Ngan temple

2. Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall hide itself in the mountains, shining sun reflect rainbow colors. The road up and down the falls is not too long but is covered by vertical steps. A small stream from above 50 m water flowing water, the sound of the forest, the leaves echoing into the cliffs sounded like the fairy​, ancient land… will make you impressed right away.


The Silver waterfall in Tam Dao

3. Tam Dao ancient church

Tam Dao was discovered by the French in the late 19th century, early 20th century. They immediately built a resort here with 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, swimming pools, dance floors. Today, these villas are not much because during the resistance war against France, with the policy of “scavenging resistance”, this made all the French-built villas in Tam Dao completely destroyed, the church is an architectural work. Unique is preserved.


This is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tam Dao

This is an interesting attraction, standing on the ancient church you can also see the natural panorama Tam Dao dream. You can take pictures with friends and relatives, there are also many wedding photography package here.

4. Activities

In Tam Dao apart from some places you can go swimming at the public swimming pool. The swimming pool is halfway up the mountain so it is very romantic. Bathing here is very clean water, you should take a shower at noon or early afternoon because bathing near the water will be quite cold.


Bathing in Tam Dao

5. Tam Dao Cuisine

  • Su su: Tam Dao specialties, due to the cool climate all year round, so the su su here grows well, has its own unique flavor compared to other places. When eating su su, we can  still feel​ the soft but crispy, naturally sweet taste.
  • Pork ribs: is a dish not to be missed when traveling to Tam Dao. Tam Dao pork is cooked into many delicious dishes such as steamed, grilled, fried,… thin and tough pork, not too lean, or fat.


Su su is definitely a popular specialty of Tam Dao

  • Rooted hens: Tam Dao chickens have red or black feathers, yellow legs, red crest, which are naturally raised on the hill so the meat is very firm and fragrant. When eating it, you can feel the sweetness of chicken immediately. Chicken can be cooked by many ways: boiled chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken, salted roasted chicken, ginger roasted chicken and chicken hot pot.

Weather in Tam Dao is no different than the weather in Sapa or Da Lat. You will easily feel four seasons in just one day by the morning in Tam Dao will be spring breeze, hot summer afternoon, afternoon hog autumn and autumn evening brought cold winter.

You can go to Tam Dao in any season of the year, because the weather in Tam Dao is very ideal, you will easily feel a season in a day here. The temperature in Tam Dao is always lower than the temperature in Hanoi. So even in the summer days, you still can enjoy yourself travel to Tam Dao, and may not want to go home. But sometimes it’s raining so remember to bring your coat here, whether it’s summer or winter.

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