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Going to Hai Phong without having to try this extremely special cake is a great omission

Not as prominent as the specialties in Hai Phong, but “banh duc tau” is extremely special and will make it impossible to ignore when coming to Hai Phong.

“Banh duc tau” – the name of this snack is quite strange, but with the people here, especially the young people in Hai Phong, this is a very familiar dish. Traveling to Hai Phong, besides many famous dishes such as crab cakes, snails or spicy bread, you should definitely try this special cake, or you will have to regret a lot. In Hai Phong, there are only two or three places that sell this cake, but the most famous and crowded place is the “banh duc” shop at Cat Dai – Cat Cut crossroads.


A “banh duc tau” seller is serving customers

Located on the sidewalk, section 186 Cat Dai (now changed to 186 Hai Ba Trung). Just go to this intersection, do not need to remember the exact address, find where the most crowded place is. That is the famous “banh duc” shop.

This bakery opened 27 years ago. According to Ms.Chuyen, the owner and also the person who was taught to make this cake, the origin of “banh duc tau” is quite special. One of her grandparents married a Chinese, then learned the recipe of this cake and brought it back to Hai Phong for sale. So, the recipe of “banh duc tau” continues to be transmitted until now. “Banh duc tau” is placed in a large hot tray. The salesperson clutched her hands, cut off all the cake, put in the meats and then put in the sauce.


Look at how stunning this dish is

A bowl of “banh duc” includes chopped “banh duc”, minced meat and shrimp, papaya choppedinto pomegranate seeds, peziza chopped into strands,and souse chili-vinegar sauce. Depending on taste, guests can give more, less or no chili, and​ so,“banh duc” here is divided into three categories are not spicy, a bit spicy and spicy. The cake here is very smooth. Fish sauce is a kind of sauce with full of sour, spicy, salty, sweet mix. When eaten, the fish sauce into the cake, along with crispy meat and shrimp is extremely wonderful.

“Banh duc” when is given to the customer is still hot. The moderate heat makes the aroma of the cake, meat and shrimp fry up, aromatic, attractive. Transfer the slices of cakes with vinegar sauce to eat, then eat some of the papaya, fen stuff, meat and shrimp fried crispy, all blended together to create a very special taste.


Just look at it can make you starved

The fancy point of this dish is that it is a bowl of cake that can fill your stomach, but it still makes people feel hungry to eat more bowls. The price for such a bowl is only 10,000 dong, very reasonable for a snack.

Not only is the favorite snack of young people in Hai Phong, “banh duc” has also been known to many people in other places. Many visitors to Hai Phong have expressed interest in this dish.

The shop is very simple but always crowded and busy. Apart from the people who come to eat at the shop, there are many people who choose to buy and bring home. Starting from 7 am and 2 pm, selling until the cake is over, so, on the busy days with lots of customers, later guests may also have to come home without cake. Often, the shop is very crowded during break time.

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