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Food in Singapore

Food in Singapore

As Singapore is a cultural mix or racial mix, or in short, a country with a mixture of quite a number of cultures, races, religions and nationalities, you can find a large variety of food here in Singapore, each with their own distinct identity.

If you are a food lover, or a sucker for good food, then Singapore is the place for you. I (the author) love food as well, and I am not about to share with you expensive places, but will tell you where to find good food at affordable and local prices.

Many of my friends from overseas tell me Singapore is a haven for food, but that is because I brought them around! As tourists, you may be lost as to where to get your food (please, do not just stick to the coffehouse or restaurant at/near your hotel, you have not tried the best!). I will try to elaborate as much places as possible, so that you can enjoy yourself MORE when you are in town.

Singaporeans generally “down” tons of noddles or rice yearly. Of course there is a huge variety of how these noodles or rice is prepared. I cannot stop once I start talking on food, so please bear with me.

Oh yes, you can probably get any type of food you like to eat here. The famous dim sum (made popular by Hong Kongers), Chow Dou Foo (smelly beancurd), Beijing Roast Duck, Nasi Lemak, Loti Prata (from our Indian friends), Curry Fishhead etc. etc are all available here. Of course there are fast food (or junk food to many), Italian food, Vietnamese food, Japanese food etc. available almost everywhere, but these are usually more costly and not what the average Singaporeans eat daily. The list (of typs of food available) goes on and on, and you do not need to pay a bomb to enjoy all these good food.

A typical good meal for a local does not costs more than S$5 (including soft drinks) for one person, and even if you wish to pamper yourself, you should not spend more than S$20 per person per meal, yes, that is how affordable it can be! And that will also mean that you would not be able to walk properly after the meal, because it would mean you have consumed a lot of good food!!

Most such meals are available at “hawker centres” or “coffee shops” (or ‘kopi-tiam’ as local would call it) where you can enjoy good food at good prices. Ask around (locals) where the nearest “hawker centres” or “coffee shops” are, and go there. Look around at the food stalls displaying their food, and choose what you want. Most display their food names and prices quite clearly, so you should never be in doubt.

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