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Famous kinds of hotpot in Asia

Hot and delicious hotpots with unique flavors like Thai hotpot, Korean hotpot,… are all an attractive, tasty and affordable dish for any tourists to try when coming to countries of Asia.

The hot pot is hot and has many ingredients, including shrimp, meat, tofu, mushroom,… and a lot of vegetables. This dish is really suitable for winter, and it also can help you eat more vegetables easily.

1. Thai hotpot

If you like spicy food, you won’t be able to ignore Thai hotpot that has long attracted many countries by its creative way of processing spices.

The water used to make Thai hot pot is cooked from bone stewing water, so, it is very sweet, other ingredients include seafood such as squid, clam, shrimp and beef, tomato, lemongrass, vegetables,…


The famous Thai hotpot

An indispensable ingredient to make the soul for this dish is lime leaves. When you eat Thai hotpot, you will feel the sour, spicy, salty, sweet mixed together like a perfect harmony of flavors, you will also be attracted by its eye-catching appearance, with the red color of chili, green of lime leaves and vegetables, yellow of pineapple,… That’s why Thai hotpot ranked No. 8 in 50 delicious and popular dishes in the world.

2. Korean hotpot

South Korea has very cold winters, so hotpots in this country are quite diversified and used frequently.

There are many kinds of hotpot such as seafood hotpot, octopus hotpot, beef hotpot, mushroom hotpot, shabu  hotpot,… all are processed with many kinds of ingredients and spices.


Kimchi hotpot has a unique spicy taste

Many tourists are fascinated with the famous Korean kimchi hotpot, because when trying this dish, they can feel the wonderful harmony of flavors, such as the spicy taste of chilli, the sour taste of kimchi, the sweet taste of beef and bone stewing water,… Kimchi hotpot is usually served with white rice.

3. Japanese hotpot

Shabu shabu is a typical dish in Japan, using sliced ​​beef dipped in a pot of boiling water.


Shabu shabu is a great option for winter days

This dish is very famous not only in Japan but also in the whole world. People love it not only for the sweet, aromatic, rich flavor but also for the unique way of eating. Meat must be fresh, soft and fragrant, served with ​​vegetables like cabbage, chrysanthemum leaf, seaweed, onion, carrot, mushroom,… People eat hotpot along with udon noodles, mochi or harusame noodles,…

4. Chinese hotpot

China is famous for a lot of unique hotpots, from Trung Khanh hotpot, Quang Dong hotpot, Tu Xuyen hotpot,… Each type of hotpot has different flavors, usually includes meat and vegetables.


Trung Khanh hotpot is a specialty of China

Trung Khanh hotpot is popular in Southwest China, with broth stewed from chicken bones and cow bones. It is characterized by very spicy taste of chilli, the special fragrance of soy sauce, including sesame oil, vinegar and some special herbs,…

Quang Dong hotpot is processed in a different way. Its ingredients include seafood, chicken, beef and vegetables.


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