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Fall for the beauty of 2 most beautiful accommodations in Nha Trang

Besides​ the expensive ​hotels or resorts, it seems like every tourist cities also have lovely hostels or homestays, an ideal, affordable and interesting accommodation for travelers, who need a shelter after a long day driving along the tricky roads. So, if your next destination is Nha Trang, here are 2 lovely hostels and homestays that can impress you immediately by its beautiful and impressive decorations.


The pristine scenery of Nha Trang beach

1. Ccasa hostel

Inspired by the image of colorful cabins of container, Ccasa hostel is a hostel with creative design, lovely decorations. Right at the first look, you can be impressed by the gorgeous cabins here, which is painted with bright colors, a true paradise for who love taking pictures. There are 3 types of cabins for you to choose:


The unique Ccasa hostel

  • If you go in a group of 3-4 people, then 4-bed cabin will be a suitable option for you.
  • If you go in a group of 5-6 people, then 6-bed cabin will be great.
  • If you go with your family, then the large cabin for 4 people will be a good selection.

If you’re someone who don’t like to eat out so much, then in Ccasa hostel, you can prepare a meal, a BBQ for your friends and family right in their kitchen. You can also relax in a small garden of the hostel or lie on the net (a special characteristic of hostel) and enjoy the beautiful sky.

Coming to Ccasa hostel, you will feel like living right in your sweet home. This place is more than just a shelter for travelers, it’s a place that can leave you great memories for your Nha Trang trip.

2. S: House Homestay

S: House homestay is a very beautiful homestay of Nha Trang city, it’s a perfect harmony of the fine traits of modern architecture and the simple traits of daily life. Every single decorative details of S: House homestay will leave you a peaceful feeling, thanks to the cute stuffs used to decorate here.


The poetic beauty of S: House homestay

Every rooms here will be fully equipped, with a mild bed, a desk, a small bookshelf, some little trees to add the green to the room. Coming to S: House homestay, you can have a chance to discover a lovely garden, feel the peace and the pure atmosphere here.

And why don’t we check-in by some awesome pictures at such lovely place like this? They will be very awesome pictures.

Choosing hostels or homestays instead of hotels or resorts will not only help you to reduce the expenses for the trip, but also give you a chance to meet up with some new friends, get to know a lot more new things,… And these 2 places above will never let you down.

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