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Exploring top 10 beautiful pagodas in Bangkok (part 2)

At Part 1 of this list, we mentioned about the first 5 beautiful pagodas in the modern Bangkok, such as Path Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Saket, Wat Traimit, right? Therefore, at present, I’ll tell you about the rest of the list of must-come pagodas in Bangkok, Thailand.

6. Loha Prasat pagoda

Loha Prasat is one of the most distinctive temples in Bangkok. The special point of this temple is that it was built with metal roofs swirling around the tallest tower, and is distinct in comparison to most other temples that you can find in Bangkok. This is a destination that will give you a multi-faceted view of the rich culture of Thailand.


Loha Prasat pagoda

Location: Maha Chai Road, Phra Nakhon

Entrance fee: 20 baht

7. Wat Mahathat pagoda

Wat Mahathat is one of the six royal temples built in Ayutthaya period. When Bangkok became the capital, Mahathat was used as a temple for royal ceremonies. Wat Mahathat is also an important center for Buddhist studies and meditation. At the temple, there are always meditation classes taught in both Thai and English.


Wat Mahathat pagoda in Bangkok

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Location: Phra That Road (near Sanam Luang Park, between Royal Palace and National Museum), Old City (Rattanakosin)

8. Wat Suthat pagoda

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest and most magnificent temples in Bangkok. The highlight of this pagoda is that the small and courteous temple with its large roof, magnificent paintings hung on the walls and exquisitely carved wood panels. Wat Suthat is located in the Old City area, so after visiting Wat Suthat, visitors can easily wander around Wat Suthat, Wat Pho, Royal Palace,…


Wat Suthat lies near many other tourist destinations

Opening hours: 8:30 am to 9 pm daily

Location: Bamrung Muang Road, Old City (Rattanakosin), opposite Bangkok City Hall

9. Wat Benjamabhopit


Wat Benjamabhopit with Italian traits

The tour around Bangkok’s most famous temples will be not that great if you forget to visit Wat Benchamabhopit, or Wat Benja, built in 1900. The magnificent temple was built with Italian white marble brought from Carara city of Italy, with very elaborate and sophisticated interior design.

10. Wat Prayoon

Wat Prayoon, also known as Wat Rua Lek, is located in the West of Chao Praya River. This impressive temple was built under the reign of King Rama III, featuring large white stupas. The special feature of Wat Prayoon is that there is a lake inside which is home to plenty of turtles.


Wat Prayoon

So that’s the end of the list of beautiful and peaceful pagodas which can give you a relaxing time out of the noise or the eventful atmosphere of a big and developed capital like Bangkok.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is searching for the religious trips or just needs to find some peaceful spaces among the bustle Bangkok, then these pagodas above may be the best choice for you and even your family.

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