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Explore the hidden paradises of Philippine tourism

Banaue terraced rice fields, Tagaytay plateau or Siargao island,… are all great destinations in the Philippines but are still unfamiliar to tourists.

So today, let’s follow me on my journey discovering the gorgeous destinations in the Philippines!

1. Batan island


Batan Island

Batan is the main island, the second largest of Batanes archipelago. When coming to Batan island, visitors will be amazed by the charming and romantic beauty of this island with wild nature scenery, mountain cliffs, and clear blue sea water,… In addition, visitors will be enthralled by the green and luxuriant opening grasslands here, or admire the ancient ruins like ancient stone houses with long arches of the ancient Philippine life.

2. Banaue terraced rice fields


Banaue terraced rice fields

Banaue is a small town in the Philippines, which is well-known for its terraced rice fields which have been manually excavated since ancient times. Visitors must have seen the image of the Banaue in many photos or videos, but you can only feel the full beauty of this land until seeing it in real life.

3. Tagaytay plateau


Tagaytay plateau

Taking more than an hour to travel from Manila, Tagaytay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. Thanks to the beauty of wildness, beautiful nature, all you need to do when coming here is just enjoying the fresh air on a poetic lake, admiring the imposing mountains with villages quietly lying nearby,… and there you will create one of the most memorable moments of your trip.

4. Bohol Island


Bohol Island

Bohol is one of the leading tourist attractions of Philippines. The 10th largest island of Philippines, which is well-known for its beautiful beaches and pristine natural scenery, where many famous resorts are located. Chocolate Hills is the most popular tourist attraction in Bohol, with over 1,000 hills humming over 50 square kilometers, this place is perfect for travelers who are dreaming about a giant chocolate party.

5. Cebu City


Cebu City

As the second largest city in the Philippines, just after Manila, Cebu is one of the few places in the Philippines to thrive, especially in tourism of this country, thanks to a combination of modernity and antiquity, between the Filipino tradition and the Spanish colonial era. Come here, visitors will be impressed by the diversity of natural beauty, the majestic mountains, wild nature or the beach romantic only several tens of minutes away from the train.

6. Bacolod City


Bacolod City

Dubbed the “City of Smile,” Bacolod is a peaceful city in Negros Occidental province, which was once voted by MoneySense as “the best place to live in the Philippines.” With this city, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in folk festivals bearing national cultural identity, in which MassKara festival is the most important cultural events in the third week of October.

7. Siargao Island


Siargao Island

If you are a risk-averse traveler, Siargao Island is a perfect choice. With beautiful beaches and clear waters, Siargao Island is considered to be the cradle of surfing and swimming in the Philippines. In addition, Siargao also attracts tourists by primeval forests and spectacular waterfalls.

8. Siquijor island


Siquijor island

Travelers come to Siquijor island not only for its beauty but also for discovering the supernatural powers spreading on the island. A small island rising in the midst of the southern Philippines, where in the past was the fortress of missionaries, with living evidence of old churches with unique architecture over 300 years old island.

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