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Explore Da Lat through the majestic passes through mountains

Not only well-known for its magnificent weather, Da Lat (Lam Dong) has been known by many visitors as beautiful landscapes. Visit Da Lat once, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular and poetic beauty of these passes below.

1. Prenn Pass

Prenn Pass is 11 km long, about 10 km from Da Lat center. This is also the road from Lien Khuong Airport leading into the city. Prenn Pass has a moderate slope. This place is also like the charming pink silk of the city, thanks to the cherry apricot garden spread along the road.


Prenn Pass in Da Lat

On the pass, visitors can stop by, visit the white villa and discover the magic stories revolve around this house. At Prenn Pass, you will feel the cold of the mountainous town even when it is sunny. Sometimes, the road will be covered by clouds and fog.

2. Ta Nung Pass

Ta Nung Pass is the route linking the city center with Lam Ha District. The road is nearly 30 km long, with one side high hills, the other side is the abyss and the pines are connected.


Ta Nung Pass

It is the majesty, danger of the bends of the sleeves on the road that further urge the ham move on the road. Ta Nung passes through a village with a tradition of silk weaving, so many people call it “Silk Road”.

Between October and November, the two sides of the road are flooded with yellow flowers. Tourists can conquer Ta Nung can also visit the Van Duc Pagoda, feel the peace of the Buddha.

3. Bao Loc Pass

Bao Loc Pass lies between the boundaries of Bao Loc and Da Huoai districts, about 15 km long with high sloping and folding bends. In the passage leading to Da Lat, Bao Loc is the most dangerous road.


Bao Loc Pass

The palace was once called Ba Co Pass, associated with the mysterious story of the unjust death of three young girls. At present, Bao Loc pass has been re-established, the road is wider and safer, so many domestic and foreign tourists come to enjoy the scenery of mountains and forests.

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