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Explore 8 gorgeous bridges when traveling to Singapore

Singapore tourism always attracts visitors with the modern architectural traits which are typical for the world’s modernization. However, there’s no architectural work that can tell city’s stories as well as bridges.

1. Tree Top Walk suspension bridge


Tree Top Walk suspension bridge in MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is known as one of the green tourist destinations in Singapore. The most popular attraction on this place is the MacRitchie Park and the Tree Top Walk suspension bridge. If you are a nature lover who loves to enjoy outdoor activities, do not miss this unique free tourist destination in Singapore. In particular, from the Tree Top Walk, you can see the view of the green tropical forests of Singapore.

2. Helix Bridge


Helix bridge at night

Helix bridge is one of the most recognizable bridges of the world, thanks to its unique spiral architecture. This 280m long pedestrian bridge is made from stainless steel, it connects the Marina Center to the South Marina area. At night, the bridge will be lit up by the wonderful light system, shining all the water region below and therefore this bridge attracts many visitors to come each year.

3. Henderson Waves bridge


Henderson Waves bridge

Henderson Waves currently holds the record for Singapore’s tallest footbridge, 36 meters high, and is located in the West of Singapore. With beautiful curves, the Henderson Waves bridge looks like a giant snake. It crosses Henderson Road, connecting Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. The Singapore government has spent $25.5 million to build it in order to call on people to have the conscience in building the green spaces for the city.

4. Sentosa Island suspension bridge


Sentosa Island suspension bridge

Sentosa Island is about 0.5km South of Singapore’s southern coast, is Singapore’s fourth largest island. This is an impressive resort, with a harmonious combination of a tropical amusement park, natural park, and heritage center. The most impressive feature of Sentosa is the ownership of Singapore’s first rope bridge, connecting the Palawan beach to the opposite island.

5. Cavenagh bridge


Cavenagh bridge

Cavenagh is the oldest suspension bridge on the Leo island, which has been in use since 1868 and is the only bridge in Singapore to retain its original image. The bridge was originally called Edinburgh to commemorate the visit of the duke to Singapore but was later renamed after General William Orfeur Cavenagh, in the past the bridge was the site of many commercial exchanges.

6. Esplanade bridge


Esplanade bridge

The overall length of the Esplanade bridge is 260m, located at the entrance of the Singapore River and was built to provide more convenient access to Shenton’s financial district in 1997. The bridge has beautiful views, on holidays like Independence or New Years, this is the best place to watch the fireworks and feel the atmosphere of the festivals. The best time to walk on the bridge is in the sunset or in the evening.

7. Jubilee bridge


Jubilee bridge

Jubilee is one of Singapore’s newest bridges, built on the Singapore River to reduce pedestrian traffic on the Esplanade. The bridge was built when Lieutenant General Ly Quang Dieu observed that the walk along the Esplanade Bridge was not sufficient for pedestrians to move, pointing out the need to build a walking bridge immediately. The Jubilee Bridge was put into service earlier than scheduled on state funerals of former prime minister Ly Quang Dieu.

8. Alkaff bridge


Alkaff bridge

From a certain distance, looking at Alkaff bridge looks like an artwork rather than the bridge for people. Its total length is 55m, located in Robertson Port and North across the Singapore River. The name bridge is derived from a wealthy Arab family, the richest family in the 20th century in Singapore. The bridge was built in 1997, inspired by a sample boat freight light is often used previously.

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