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Explore 6 delicacies of Dak Lak cuisine

Dak Lak – the heart of the Central Highlands, doesn’t only attract visitors by the majestic natural landscapes but also by the specialties which can make any tourist fall in love at the first time trying.

1. Don village grilled chicken

To make a delicious grilled chicken which can make diners fall in love just by one time trying. The chicken must be one raised by people in Don village and the grilled chicken also must be cooked by the hands of Don villagers. The land in Ban Don is vast, the garden is large, the chickens here due to so are freed, their main food is grass, insects, and rice.


The attractive appearance of Don village grilled chicken

The chosen chicken must be not too old, not too young, about one kilogram each chicken. After being cleaned, the chicken will be seasoned and marinated in a combination of chili salt, lemongrass, and a little honey.

2. Waterfall goby cooked with galingale

Waterfall goby cooked with galingale is a traditional dish of ethnic people in Dak Lak, especially of the Highlanders living near the falls. This fish is only adapted to the water poured from high to low, it’s white and as big as a finger.


Waterfall goby cooked with galingale is very delicious when being eaten with rice

The newly caught fish will be washed several times to clean the grease on the body, and then seasoned with a little salt, then rinsed thoroughly. The pan will be heated, put in a little oil, put the fish in and fried until it has a yellow cover.

The smell of galangal when being cooked with fish will make the fish taste a lot better, after putting everything marinated in the pot and cooking, you’ll just have to wait for galingale and fish mixed together: onions, pepper, sugar, and fish sauce.

3. Wild vegetable hotpot

This is one of the most typical dishes of this mountainous destination. Wild vegetable hotpot has about 10 types of forest leaves selected with dry shrimp or meat of all kinds.


The great variety of wild vegetables in this hot pot

This “hot” vegetable was first processed by Ede ethnic people when faced with difficult life. For daily food, they went to the forest to pick different types of leaves for cooking. Over time, “hot pot” leaves have become indigenous specialties of the indigenous people and very attractive to tourists.

4. Dried deer meat

Deer meat is a specialty of the Central Highlands forests, especially in Dak Lak. The deer meat is different from the dried beef because it has less veined, less fat and more tender than beef.


Dried deer meat is a great dish to chew while drinking wine

Deer meat can be processed into a great variety of good dishes: roasted deer, fried deer, deer soaked in vinegar, fried deer ribs and dried deer. But roasted deer, deer soaked with vinegar and dried deer are the most typical dishes.

5. Bamboo rice

Bamboo rice is one of the most famous dishes of Don villagers. This rice is considered to be the most characteristic dish of the forest because it has not only the sweetness of the cool fresh water from streams here but also contains the aroma of the green bamboo nuthatch. Bamboo rice is the most suitable food for the trekking trips, long days exploring the mysterious forest of the Central Highlands.


Trying bamboo rice will be an unforgettable experience for you

To eat this kind of rice, you just need to peel off the bamboo outside and there you’ll have a delicious rice dish with the attractive aroma. Central Highlanders often use bamboo rice with sesame, chicken or roast pork.

6. Bitter eggplant

Bitter eggplant is a kind of wild vegetables growing on the highland fields, nowadays it has been planted in the garden in the Central Highlands, this kind of vegetables especially has a unique bitter taste which is very characteristic.


Bitter eggplant of Dak Lak

Bitter eggplant is processed into many different dishes of E De ethnic group such as cooked with fish or with dried fish, dried shrimps, wild meat, etc. In addition to cooked bitter eggplant, E De people also eat raw bitter eggplant with spices: salt, chili, monosodium glutamate, herbs, and squash.


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