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Experiencing new feelings with Lampang ancient capital

Lampang, lying in the Northern Thailand, is not only known as the new star of Thailand tourism with vibrant traditional pottery village, horse parades, elephants performances with interesting programs such as painting, playing football,… here are many other interesting things to attract tourists that Lampang possesses.

Most of the destinations in northern Thailand such as Ngao, Chae Hom, Wang Nuea, Mueang Pan are quiet less noticeable than other destinations of this country, although there are many beautiful attractions as well. But if you’re a peace-seeker, then I believe the destinations of Lampang ancient capital below will be perfect choices for your vacation.


The untouched beauty of Tham Pha Thai national park

Stopping at the hill of Tham Pha Thai National Park, and you’ll have chance to admire breathtaking views of the roads below, take a deep breath of fresh air here, discover the peaceful and interesting lifestyle of the local people, the residents of a northern mountainous district of Thailand,…

The entrance of Tham Pha Thai cave is about 30m wide, at the entrance, there’s a statue of Buddha, in the two sides of the statue, there are two stalactites rising from the ground to the ceiling, these two stalactites with the Buddha statue stand for the permanent. Next to the Buddha statue is the documents written by King Rama VII and members of the royal family.


At the entrance of Tham Pha Thai cave

This cave was formed about 9 million years ago, the highlight of it is the Lampang rocks dating to about 230 million years. Especially when visiting the cave, no one is allowed to touch the stalks as it will affect their development. Inside the cave is divided into different chambers like Tham Jone, Robbers,… This cave has a small entrance and is hidden by sloping cliffs, and you will see a large chamber with a hole that can hold more than 100 people here.

Another interesting place in the national park is Lom Phu Khieo. Lom Phu Khieo is a natural reservoir nestled in a remote valley of Ngao district. On the banks of the lake, one side is high cliffs and the other is slopes, water in the lake has a mysterious green with an amazing quietness. Indigenous people consider the lake as a sacred place and use the water in the lake as a holy water.


Lom Phu Khieo, a pristine natural reservoir

On the top of the mountain, there is Wat Chalerm Phrakiat Phra Chom Klao Rachanusorn, built to commemorate King Rama IV. To go there, you’ll just need to follow the sloping path from the foot of the mountain and climb up the steps, when approaching to the place, you can admire the magnificent panoramic views of the valley from above.


The natural scenery of Chae Son national park

The next stop for visitors is Chae Son National Park, famous for hot springs with average temperatures of 73 degrees Celsius, spa services, motels, camping sites,…

Additional notes:

  • Lampang is about 600 km north of Bangkok, preserved, governed by the Chiang Mai Tourism Authority.
  • The headquarters of Tham Pha Thai Park is located on National Highway 1 and Phaholyothin Road 667, 65 km from Muang.
  • Chae Son National Park is about 38 km from Lampang National Park.


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