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Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is always one of the most favorite destinations of any adventurers or travelers who are searching for new discovery, want to experience new things in the world. Therefore, long time ago, the destinations below have become the symbols of the tourism of the mysterious Southeast Asia.

When coming to these places and try these experience, visitors will definitely remember about them forever. There are endless things that tourists can enjoy in a trip to Southeast Asia, such as eating countless delicious dishes or admiring many beautiful natural scenery.

1. Conquering the imposing Fansipan

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, also the highest mountain in the three Indochina countries, is considered as “Indochinese rooftop” with a height of 3,143 m. From the imposing Fansipan, tourists can admire a magnificent natural scenery created by the sea of clouds floating by, the romantic terraced rice fields in harvest season (if coming here in Autumn), by the dark green of trees and leaves,… can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that is both fresh and a bit cold of a high land, and can enjoy the awesome feeling of conquering something which can make you addicted.


The imposing Fansipan, the Indochinese rooftop

Therefore, if you like mountains, this is an experience not to be missed when coming to Southeast Asia, especially when coming to Sapa, a tourist attraction of Vietnam. Currently, the cable car to Fansipan was built, so this is the ideal time to conquer the “Indochinese rooftop”.

2. Watching the sunrise in Angkor Wat

As a symbol of Cambodia, Angkor Wat always has a very special attraction to tourists from everywhere in the world, this place helps Cambodia welcome a lot of tourists come to visit each year.


The sunset in Angkor Wat

And if you have been to Angkor Wat, you will definitely not want to miss the chance to watch the beautiful dawn moment here, which is more interesting than dropping in the peaceful atmosphere of Angkor Wat early morning.

3. Trekking through northern Thailand

You can book this kind of tour through travel companies in Chiang Mai or Bangkok. When you book this tour, travel agencies will prepare a complete tour for you including food, drinks, necessities such as camping tents and of course a great guide.


The Northern Thailand with beautiful natural scenery

4. A tour of four islands in Nha Trang

According to many tourists who have been to Vietnam, it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences to enjoy a full day in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang possesses many beautiful beaches of Vietnam, with fine white sands, coconut lines, and clear blue sea water,… Tourists can also find the pristine islands that look like undiscovered lands on the world.


A beach in Nha Trang

Besides, this city also has many luxury 5-star resorts, which are always the first choice of many tourists who are looking for relaxing tours.

5. Watching the sunset from Ham Rong Mountain


Ham Rong mountain with breath-taking beauty

Ham Rong is the ideal place to watch the sunset if you have the opportunity to come to Sapa. As the sun goes down the middle of the mountain range, the whole city of Sapa appears with the beauty of fantasy as the image of fairy land, a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

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