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Experience you need to know before making a Bangkok tour

Visitors not only have the opportunity to discover the vibrant, bustling streets of Xishuangbanna, China Town but also learn the cultural and historical long in ancient temples.


The beauty of Thailand

Bangkok (Thailand) has a blend of modern and traditional, besides the lively atmosphere of West Khao San Street, it also has the majestic beauty of the Royal Palace or the cultural treasures and history at Wat Pho, Wat Arun,…

Here are practical experiences for first-time visitors to Bangkok.

The Thai money currency is baht, the exchange rate is 1 baht equivalent to 620 VND.

1. Travel by plane or by road

Travel by plane is most convenient, the cost is not much more expensive than the bus, but you may save time and energy. For those in Hanoi, traveling long distances (through Laos) to Bangkok is not a simple matter. You just need to buy cheap tickets (before 2-3 months). Some airlines that sell return flight tickets are sometimes only 1.5-2 million. And if you want to save maximum cost, the best option is to go bus.


Travelling to Thailand by road

Note: You should use the high-speed train at the airport or the city bus for transportation because the two airports in Bangkok are 20-30 km from the center.

2. Transports in Thailand

The most useful vehicles are motorbikes, as Bangkok is very busy, and tourist spots are often far apart. Otherwise you can choose taxi. Note, taxi must have a clock, not the agreed price because it is always two or three times more expensive. Public transport such as highways, subways, buses, riverboats, ferries,… are cheaper​.


The taxi in Thailand

  • The taxi fare is around 15 baht / km
  • Price tuk tuk about 20 baht / km
  • Price ferry 3 baht / time
  • Motorbike rental is on average 150 – 200 baht / day (rent at your hotel or call for help).

3. Hotels

There are 4 to 5 areas where tourists usually rent hotels while in Bangkok, but there are three areas you should rent: near Khao San, China Town and Pratunam Market.

  • Khao San

This area is also known as the West Quarter. It’s like Bui Vien of Saigon and Ta Hien of Hanoi, but it is more fun because the evening bar is poured into the street, musicopened​ in the morning. You will see even the small-size “world” in Khao San. The area is also near the Royal Palace and the famous temples of the center. Here, we can find the cheap hostel for only 180 baht / night, room with privacy and especially good quality cheap restaurants.


Hotels in Khao San

  • Pratunam

This area is for shoppers. Pratunam is a wholesale market, located next to the major commercial centers such as Central World, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, BigC,… shopping paradise, discount fashion. In the Pratunam area, the dorm beds in the hostel cost more than Khao San, priced at 250 baht per night, but the rooms are of good quality. And taking​ a taxi through the Royal Palace from here will cost only about 50 – 75 baht.


Hotels in Pratunam

  • China Town

China Town is home to most of Chinese and Vietnamese. At night, this is a bustling street where food is sold. During the day you can visit the temples such as Traimit (the golden Buddha from the Sukhothai period – one of the three national treasures of Thailand) or Wat Suthep. Andvisiting​ the Royal Palace often takes about 5 minutes by motorcycle.


Hotels in China Town

4. Streetfoods

Thailand has a lot of dishes that you should try such as Thai Pad at Thip Sa Mai’s most delicious dish, tom yum (shrimp salad, spicy salad), som tam (specialty Thai papaya salad, Mango, mango, grilled noodle, grilled squid, Thai rice, noodle…


Thai’s food

5. Destinations

  • Grand Palace: There is the royal palace and the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Ticket price 500 baht, free for Thai people.
  • Wat Pho: Located right next to the Royal Palace, Bangkok’s largest temple, famous for its beautiful stupas and huge Buddha statues. Ticket price 100 baht. Opening hour is 8h-5pm.
  • Wat Saket (Golden Mount): The temple is on the top of a hill topped with a golden mosaic, this is also one of the sacred places in Bangkok. In particular, a sunset view can not be more ideal. Ticket price is super cheap 20 baht. Open from early morning until late at night.


Grand Palace, a tourist symbol of Thailand

  • Wat Arun: The temple is located across the river, opposite the Royal Palace, one of the symbols of Bangkok. The ancient temple was built in the reign of King Rama I.
  • Khao San: The bustling West Street, suitable for night parties and the experience of street food.
  • Bayoke: The tallest building in Thailand, standing here, you will be able to observe the entire capital of Bangkok at night, a mesmerizing sight. At this point you should combine buffet food, buy tickets of the company will be cheaper than buying direct or buy through agents. Price includes buffet, sightseeing is 350 – 400 baht.
  • China Town: This is an unforgettable place to visit in Bangkok, Chinese food here is delicious.
  • Wat Traimit (Golden Pagoda): A statue of Buddha sitting in gold weighing 5 tons, ancient statue from the Sukhothai period (8th-12th centuries), one of the three statues of Buddha is considered the kingdom in Thailand, the temple is located immediately. Next to China Town for 40 baht. Opening hours are 8 am – 5 pm.


Wat Traimit, a symbol of Bouddhisme in Thailand

  • Wat Suthep and Giant Wings: The temple is located near the Royal Palace, the largest sitting Buddha statue in Bangkok. And in front of the gate is a swing symbol called “magical entertainment portal” – one of the symbols of Bangkok tourism.


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