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Experience the different emotions in Thailand with 7 new itineraries (part 1)

If we mention Japan as a country with rich culture, authentic beauty and full of surprising things in every corner of the country, then no less than Japan, Thailand is a country with the tourism develops with an amazing speed.

Not to mention to be a shopping paradise for shoppa-holics around Asia, but also a food heaven to anyone, any tourists, at any ages.

So in today’s subject, we’ll talk about the popular kinds of things that you can take when coming to Thailand!

1. Explore the hidden treasure of Thailand

Bored of overpopulated tourist destinations in Thailand, with crowded and noisy cities like Bangkok, and want to go to the blue sea and lush green forest, this Hidden Treasure Thailand tour will just be all you need. After a night in Bangkok, you will come to the mountains and waterfalls of Khao Yai National Park.

Experience-the-different-emotions-in-Thailand-with-7-new-itineraries-(part 1)1

The beautiful scenery of Khao Yai national park

UNESCO’s world heritage includes animals, including pumas, bears, beavers, gibbons, about 200 elephants and nearly 400 species of birds. At the end of the tour, you will come to the tropical island of Koh Kood, one of the few pristine islands in Thailand where you can relax on the beach, kayak amid mangroves or dive Between colorful coral reefs.

2. Challenge with cycling tour

The 8-day bike tours from Bangkok to Phuket will satisfy your adventurous passions, with the interesting activities like exploring the deserted streets of Bangkok to the south, discovering the beauty of jungles, and biking upon the struggle, challenging rock surfaces, if you are physically fit. Roll about 100 kilometers per day, the total distance to about 850 kilometers, you will stroll around the limestone mountains, across remote villages, temples and many national parks.

Experience-the-different-emotions-in-Thailand-with-7-new-itineraries-(part 1)2

The magnificent challenging roads to Phuket

At night, you will rest at the beach resort, relax with the surf and enjoy the seafood party. Destination of the journey is Phuket, with beautiful beach is reward for those who try to come along.

3. Spiritual tour

Along the “Thai Heart” tour, visitors will have a chance to really see, really be in one of the most spiritual lands of Asia, where the monks take a considerable part of population’s structure, and pagodas are extremely wonderful places for you not only to express your respect, but also a place for you to take a lot of magnificent pictures.

Experience-the-different-emotions-in-Thailand-with-7-new-itineraries-(part 1)3

Pagodas in Thailand are very beautiful and spiritual places

You will have the opportunity of witnessing the morning prayers at Wat Pho, visiting temples in the early morning hours before the noisy crowd comes, taking excursions on the Amphawa Floating Market, admiring the famous Kwai River, visiting​ Siamese ancient ruins. The last days of the tour, the chance to relax awaits you at Koh Samet’s tranquil island, where you can fish, or spend a lot of fun on the seemingly endless beach.

That’s the first 3 activities of the list, let’s follow me to the NEXT ACTIVITIES, the amazingly wonderful experience that can wake every senses of you up when being in Thailand!

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