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European travel in… Thailand, why not​?

Are you sure you know a little Italy in Khao Yai? If not, then you have to come there immediately because it certainly can not be ignored when going to Thailand.

When someone asks, “Where do you want to go overseas, where to go now?” Makes sure that Thailand is always the first name to be mentioned. There are many beautiful places to visit, many places to have fun, good food, nice cafes, shopping and drop off … The trip to Thailand seems to be the “perfect choice”.

Also popular tourist destinations such as the capital city of Bangkok – crowded shopping paradise, plunging pace, Chiang Mai bold tradition with gentle beauty, tranquility or the coastal city stretching the blue sea White sand like Krabi, Phuket … Many of you think that those are all Thailand has.


The little Italy in Thailand

But there is a place that looks different from the other places. Are you sure you know a little Italy in Khao Yai? If not, then you must see immediately because this is definitely not to be missed when traveling to Thailand.

1. Tips move for you offline

– From Bangkok to Khao Yai it takes only 3 hours to go.

– If you go in​ a group, you can rent a car, the cost of this car from 5000 – 6000 Baht / car (about 3 million – 3,8 million VND)

– If you choose a public transport like the bus (at the Mochit station, every 30 minutes) or the Victory Monument Minibus, every 2 hours a trip) with an average price of about 300 Baht per person.

2. Every street corner is European

Khao Yai’s most popular tourist attraction is the village of Primo Piazza – also known as “Little Italy”. Yes, the name says it all, and you just have to set foot in here, you will feel like you are in the West, not Thailand, it turns out. “European tourism in Thailand is real. “

This place is really different from other tourist destinations in Thailand. The first difference lies in the architecture here. The houses, the cafes, then the castle, the roads are European style.


Every corner is a beautiful background

Each wall of classic houses is interwoven on pretty little streets, balconies, patios, and even small decorative items such as flower baskets, bicycles, all these things make a classic look that very lyrical and poetic as a little Italy. All the little things here are easy to make you go crazy, but then suddenly start to realize that you are in Asia, in Thailand, not the West at all.

If you do not want to sit in cafes and restaurants, you can go to farms scattered around the city. Take the lambs, horses to eat grass in the romantic scene, gentle like in the Western films that you often watch. And sure enough, just pointing the camera up is that you will have beautiful photos right now, any corner is “quality” extremely.

3. The weather is very cool

Another difference of “Little Italy” lies in the weather here. Tropical countries like Thailand are not hot here, but in this village the weather is not hot! Perhaps because of the high altitude, the atmosphere here is always as pleasant as Dalat. Thanks to the cold weather, the place is even more European.


You can feel like being lost in Europe when taking a walk around this place at night

Thai people themselves are also very fond of coming here because every element seems to harmonize. Walking next to the sweetheart in the cool air, peaceful space,…And because nighttime temperatures are low, do not forget to bring a warm coat to avoid getting cold.

4. Super delicious food, super beautiful​ cafes

There was an Italian style, cold Italian style, there must be no lack of Italian food then. Good food that price is also “delicious”. From Spaghetti, Pizza, Salad, to every cup of espresso coffee is only from 100 to 400 Baht only.


A great chance to experience the Italian taste right in Thailand

The daylight in “Little Italy” is cool and sunny. Indulge in a delicious cinnamon ice cream together. Or sit at outdoor cafes, sip a cup of fragrant coffee, immersed in the famous Italian romantic songs such as Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio … what can be better than this? Just think of it is to carry a backpack and travel Thailand now.

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