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Enjoy the new cultural experience with Isaan region of Thai tourism (part 2)

Due to the large area, it’s located, including 19 provinces, the language in Isaan is quite diverse, such as Lao (the main language in Isaan), Thai, Khmer.

From Bangkok, you can easily get to Isaan by bus or inland plane at Koh Samui, Chiang Mai or Phuket airports and then take the bus to Isaan to save the time. Isaan is not flashy, not too modern.

Going to Isaan is like a journey to the past which can give you a chance to admire the traditional values of Thailand. Therefore, this place is suitable for those who are seeking peace or love the form of cultural tourism.

Now, let’s continue the list that we paused with 5 first sites in the PREVIOUS part!

6. Wat Lan Kuat (Wat Lan Kuat), Sisaket Province

In the early 1980s, a group of Thai monks took advantage of the bottles thrown on the street to bring back and decorate the temple, since then, the temple made of beer bottles gets more and more famous not only in Thailand but also around the world.


Wat Lan Kuat (Wat Lan Kuat), Sisaket Province

Today, when coming to Khun Han, Sisaket, you will no longer see beer bottles on the street. People brought all unused bottles to temples for monks to continue decorating this unique temple.

7. Surin Elephant Festival, Surin Province

This is a very famous festival and is one of the unique cultures of Thailand held in November. This festival is organized to honor elephants and their trainers.


Surin Elephant Festival, Surin Province

The festival is an elephant parade with over 300 elephants. Guests participating in this festival will have a chance to enjoy the performance of these elephants or a football game with elephants,… There is also a large party for elephants, where a long wooden table is filled with all the food that elephants love.

8. King Cobra Village, Khon Kaen Province

In more than 140 households in Ban Kok Sa-Nga, Khon Kaen, every house raises at least one snake and leaves them in wooden boxes, including poisonous snakes, pythons, to harmless snakes. Once coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the performances of people in the village with these dangerous “pets”.


King Cobra Village, Khon Kaen Province

Visitors will feel excited or scary when witnessing the intimacy between people and snakes. However, for indigenous peoples, they consider this to be normal. Even children in the village at an early age are taught how to control a snake, feed them and stay safe.

9. Mahasarakham University Museum

The Mahasarakham University Museum consists of six separate sections, showing a number of artifacts reminiscent of the important historical periods of Thailand in general and Mahasarakham Province in particular.


Mahasarakham University Museum

The museum is located in the middle of the forest, next to a lake, creating a beautiful scenery in the peaceful atmosphere of the Northeastern provinces. You can also visit this ultra-modern university campus.

10. Wat Charoen Phon, Mahasarakham Province

If you go to Isaan around December (lunar calendar), don’t forget to visit Charoen Phon Temple in Mahasarakham Province for a romantic evening.


Wat Charoen Phon, Mahasarakham Province

Most people only know about Chiang Mai for its Loy Krathong festival (the festival in which people will release the lanterns into the sky) but don’t know that not far away from Chiang Mai, in the province of Mahasarakham, there’s also a festival in which people do the same things as Loy Krathong of Chiang Mai.

So, if you don’t like to be stuck in a sea of people in Chiang Mai, pay for an expensive travel, and go to the peaceful Mahasarakham.

Isaan’s cuisine is famous for spicy food that no area in Thailand can “beat”. Some dishes you must eat when traveling to Isaan is spicy grilled chicken, papaya salad accompanied with sticky rice.

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