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Enjoy The Mixing Cuisine In Singapore

Enjoy The Mixing Cuisine In Singapore

There are many food which are made by the different races, so sometimes it is hard to classify which one is the best. Taste buds are different so you may prefer varieties made by the Indians, for example, for Curry Fishhead, but it is also made by Chinese as well.

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Below I will try to list the varieties available to each type, try for yourself which is better and let us know!

Curry Fish Head (Indian / Chinese) – served with rice, it is fish head (fish head of larger fish, about twice the size of a grown-up man’s palm) cooked in curry gravy, with a mixture of vegetables in the gravy. The Indian version is generally more spicy than the Chinese version.

You will find a lot of fish meat on the fish head as well, so even if you are an inexperienced “eater” of this dish, you will still be able to find the meat. The catch to this dish is actually the gravy, the fish eye (for those experienced eater) and the bones of the fish head (you will notice a lot of locals “sucking” the bones, they are doing it to suck out what’s inside the bones, and I shall not comment on what they are sucking for, I will want you to try it out as well!).

There are some differences on how it is eaten, Chinese generally “scoop & drink” the curry gravy (on top of mixing it with their rice), and Indians generally mix the gravy with their rice. So the choice is yours. Tip is if you find the gravy too spicy, mix it with your rice and you will feel a whole lot better when taking to this dish.

Locals generally do not find this dish spicy, but I have friends from other countries who swears by this dish but find it extremely spicy! So if you are not the spicy type, but still want to try this dish, just ask the stall not to add too much chilly.

Enjoy The Mixing Cuisine In Singapore 1

A serving for about 3 – 4 persons costs about S$20 – S$30 (depending on where you eat, including rice), so if there is only 2 of you, remember to tell the stall so, or else you will end up wasting the food!

My personal favourite curry fish head stall is located at Jalan Berseh Hawker Center, along Jalan Besar. It is at the basement of the hawker center and the first stall (facing the main road) after you take the flight of stairs to the basement (if you are facing the road, it is on the left entrance to the hawker center). All my friends whom I have brought to the stall swears by it and ALL have said it is good, even for my local friends. It operates from about 5pm till about 9pm. Go early as the stock runs out quite quickly daily. If you are feeling generous, invite me there as well since my office is just next door away!

Satay (Malay / Chinese) – meat skewelled on wooden sticks, and grilled over charcoal fire. Served with gravy (for dipping) made from chilly and peanut.

Generally, the Malay and Chinese varieties are almost the same except the the Chinese variety has the pork version, while the Malay does not. The different type of meats include chicken, mutton and beef (plus pork for the Chinese version).

For those not familiar, think “barbeque food”. The meat is first seasoned in a mixture of sugar, salt, ginger (for some) and other ingredients, giving it a sweet, saltish and spicy taste.


Also served with satay are cut onion rings (fresh), cut cucumber and rice dumplings (steam rices made into a squarish form).

Costs per stick of Satay is ranges from S$0.30 to S$0.80 (depending on locations).

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of varieties of food available in Singapore, and due to time constraints I can only feature a few. I promise to add more in future if there are demand for it!

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