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Elephant stream – A refresh for anyone’s soul

Mentioning about Hue is mentioning about Perfume River, Ngu Mountain, ancient imperial palace,… but have you ever heard about a small, pure stream located really close to the city, Elephant stream?

This stream is truly an attractive destinations for anyone, from national tourists to foreign tourists, from adventurers to peace-seekers,… Just imagine that you’re jumping into the cool water of Elephant stream, swimming in, bathing, catching some fishes, and grilling it,… How wonderful, right!


The poetic beauty of Elephant stream

Elephant stream is located just an hour by motorbike from Hue city. Once coming here, you will be immediately impressed by a primitive, unspoiled but still very poetic natural beauty, that’s why it’s one of the perfect destinations​to make a picnic in Hue.

Elephant stream is also called by another name, Me stream, because according to local accent, “Me” means giant elephant. The ticket to enter this tourist spot is also very cheap, just 14,000 VND/ person and you can spend all day long playing, bathing,… here.


Bathing in this stream will be very awesome

The first thing will catch your attention when arriving here is the wonderful combination of lush forest and white crystal water current here, with a stone kingdom with stones in various shapes, all make a breath-taking natural landscapes that can wash away any concerns and worry in your mind right the time you see it. And all you want to do at that time is just jumping into the cool pure water, getting soaked to the head,… to refresh everything in your mind, get rid of every stress,…

There are a lot of waterfalls here supply and change the water continuously for the stream, therefore the water will be always fresh, cool and pure.


Specialty of Elephant stream

The stream region is very wide, so you can choose a suitable place, with the water level suitable for you and enjoy your bath there. But just in case, tourists should wear a life-jacket so that there won’t be any accident happening.

And also don’t forget to try the specialties here, such as grilled Kieng chicken, grilled Kieng fish. They’re all really tasty dishes that you can’t  hardly find in anywhere else.

This stream is truly a masterpiece of Nature given to Hue, a tourist destination can’t be missed if you come to this land.


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