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Don’t forget to visit the beautiful forest built from dumping ground in Thailand

You feel suffocating in busy cities with skyscrapers, urban hustle rhythm, and traffic jam, right? If that’s so, Bangkok has a very interesting destination for you to escape from the noisiness of cities, which can steal heart of any travelers, visitors and especially nature-lovers, that’s Pa Nai Krung, a very gorgeous forest built on an old dumping ground of Thailand.


Pa Nai Krung beautiful scenery

Pa Nai Krung –also called “Forest in the City”, was created thanks to the social project of the Thai Petroleum Group PTT and opened free of charge in 2016. It used to be a dumping ground, Pa Nai Krung has now become a park with lots of trees, high-above walkways through forests​, a 360-degree observatory, a small museum and a sky-garden.

Located in the city, about 15 minutes drive from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, although the area is quite modest (just​ more than 2 football fields a bit), Pa Nai Krung is a place that is totally​ different from what we usually refer to when mentioning about Bangkok. This forest in city is made up of annual and perennial trees, which help to raise the surface of trees of​ the whole city, make it look like a natural forest right in a developed city.


There are a lot of places for us to take pictures here

And when all the young plants grow up, Pa Nai Krung will have enough perennials, shrubs and trees. The opinion of Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist, says that the best way to grow a forest is to let the native plants grow in the same way as in a natural forest. Pa Nai Krung has applied this rule in forming a forest.

It sounds so simple, right! Like the opinion “the best management is no management”. But it’s​ incredibly right, let nature do what it has to do. Due to so, in the present time, this area comprises 75% of forest area, 10% of water surface area and 15% of land area.


Pa Nai Krung from the sky

Maybe today you visit and only see that this “forest” is just small like a park. And you may even think that visiting Gardens by the Bay in Singapore will be much fantastic and worthier than coming to this unknown place. But who knows, over a dozen years more, it will become a real green lung helps people get out of the noisy, dusty streets of the city.

It seems that when coming up with this project, the Bangkok people have always​ remembered that urban development has to be combined with the natural protection.


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