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Don’t be surprised for the beauty of Co To!

The price of hiring a small boat to visit the islets, shopping for seafood as a gift or how to eat is not a problem if you want to have a perfect trip to Co To.

1. Rent a small islet

Co Su has a number of small islets around that are worth a walk like Co To Son, Lion Island. The price of a boat trip tour to these two islands about 600,000 VND, ships for about 10-12 people. You should remember this to bargain and not to pay a high price.


A small islet will definitely be very awesome decision

Co Su is like the “nucleus” of Co To Island. In the tourist season, this place has interesting games: paragliding in the sea, banana skateboarding and canoe driving at high speed, even playing clam catching,…

2. Do not easily fall for places that are near the beach

According to experience from some tourists who go to Co To, the motels near the beach have beautiful views, but easily become a nightmare due to mosquitoes, hot, electricity and water.


You don’t need to stay next to the beach to enjoy its beauty

Homestay boxes and houses near the beach are often roofed with metal roofs, that’s why it’s always hot in the summer, and if you’re looking for a house with air conditioning, the price will be quite high.

3. Be careful with the people’s manors

Seafood in Co To or any other area of the sea fluctuate seasonally, even by day. In the days when the sea is badly fluctuate, the amount of seafood caught is low so the price is often higher. So, before buying you should ask price and listen carefully. Avoid “20,000 oysters” from “20,000 ounces” and start counting new ones.

4. Prepare a lot of junk food

The prices of food and necessities in most of the North Island are quite expensive. If you are a holic of snacks, you should prepare yourself plenty of food before going to the island if you do not want to ramp the shopping bag.


Junk foods will be your life saver whenever you’re exhausted

There are things that should not be ignored even how it’s expensive

The most popular food area in Co To is Hong Van beach. At night, this area shines in the colorful, vibrant lights with the family BBQ table, romantic cafes for couples.

If you go with the crowded group and want to have more experience, you should rent boats and fish squid in the night, the price for a squid fishing trip from 800,000 to 1.2 million. You will be able to catch squid and grill squid just caught, sip with a cup of wine, beer mugs right on the boat. You will never regret for the money that you paid for this unforgettable experience in your life!

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