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Discovering the romantic Fresh Water Beach that little people know in coastal area of Ninh Thuan

Fresh Water Beach is located on the coast of Ninh Thuan, in a very dangerous location with majestic mountains surrounding three sides, and fresh water streams flowing all year round.

Long time ago, Ninh Thuan has not been a strange destination to people who love to travel around anymore. In recent years, visitors to Ninh Thuan is growing and it seems that more and more people fall in love with the beauty that nature gave this South Central region which used to be a poor place with sun and wind.


Fresh Water Beach and its magnificent scenery

Ninh Thuan has many beautiful beaches with blue water and white sand such as Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Vinh Hy Bay,… and a beautiful coastline stretching dozens of miles. On that road, do not miss the Fresh Water Beach, this is a wonderful natural gift of this dry land. And once coming here, you will definitely be impressed with the scenery of this place.

Fresh Water Beach, also known as Binh Hung Fresh Water Park, is located in Tu Binh sea, in Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Thuan province. Tourists will find it difficult to resist the lovely beauty of the cool blue water flowing from the mountains and forests mixed with the fine white sand of the Fresh Water Beach. This place also has a prime location with spectacular majestic mountains on three sides, with beautiful streams all year round.


The blue clear water in Fresh Water Beach

This area is quite far from the residential area, so you can indulge yourself in the cool water without having to worry about the cleanliness as well as safety here. Dropping yourself into the clear water, bathing in the warm rays of sun and letting soft waves pat your body,… Such a real heaven to anyone!

However, if you come to the Fresh Water Beach with your friends, you must spend the evening gathering and lighting up fire camp together. This is an unforgettable moment during the journey to Ninh Thuan Freshwater Beach. Imagine the flickering fire is the scent of grilled seafood along with melodious music, what can be more wonderful. Some acoustic tracks resonate with the sound of calm sea waves in the midst of the stars will leave you unforgettable moments.


Watching the sunrise here is a memorable experience

Welcoming dawn at the Fresh​ Water Beach is one of the most fascinating experiences in this place​. In order to see the sunrise here, the sunrise is very beautiful here, so take a quick snapshot of that memorable moment so that you have such wonderful journeys.

If you do not believe that Ninh Thuan Fresh Water Beach can make people fall in love, come here one more time. You won’t be only interested, impressive but will be addicted to what this place brings. It would be a great trip that you can never forget.


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