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Discover Historical And Island In Singapore

Discover Historical And Island In Singapore

If you like to see some historical places in Singapore, there are several. Two areas primed for tourists would be the Fort Canning Park and Fort Siloso.

HOWEVER (!), you can visit the Chinatown for old buildings and facade of Chinese buildings and architecture, Tanjong Pasar (now reburbished and housed many pubs and drinking holes), the Malay Village (not 100% authentic since it was build intentionally only recently but they tried their best), Little India etc. places. You can find old buildings which are decades old (some over 100 years old), some reburbished, some still intact.


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More adventurous visitors may want to try hiking at Pulau Ubin (an island off Singapore), where you should still find nature and old huts on the island. However, the recent work on making it a recreational island has made Ubin (as what locals call it) loose its natural shape. I remembered I always visit the island for my camping and hiking trips almost 20 years ago. Back then, we always hunt for wild chicken, and catch fish for our meals. We had a lot of fun back then. But I have not been there for almost 10 years, so the place may have changed. Last I heard is that Ubin has been “upgraded” to be a recreational island, and I feel that the natural part of the island would have been spoilt by the upgrade, which is why I stopped going. Then again, I may be wrong on this, but I am quite sure it is not the same place as it used to be (from the pictures I saw from the newspaper a few years back).

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How to get to Ubin: Take bus service no. 2 heading towards Changi Depot, and alight when reaching the depot. You should be able to see the jetty (Changi Jetty) from the place you alight. Just walk towards the jetty and the boat owners will ask you which island you are heading, just say “Ubin” and you will be led to one of the boats (actually, the experience of riding in one of the boats is an experience by itself).

The boat will reach Ubin Jetty where you can start your trekking. Road signs are clearly displayed, so it will be quite hard to be lost. Experience the rural lifestyle once you are on the island.

If you are one for the more commercialized area, Sentosa Island is the place to visit. You can take a bus to World Trade Centre, where you will have a choice between taking the boat and the cable car. Signs are displayed quite clearly on where to take the boat or the cable car, so have no worries.

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