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Destinations that are believed to be the doors to another land (part 2)

Are you getting excited about the mysteries that stick to the destinations in this list that we paused with first 3 names in the PREVIOUS part?

If yes, then no more waiting, let’s continue our adventure to know more mysterious places which still make the researchers have to make a lot of effort to explain!

4. The missing Z city, South America

Z is a legendary city located in the wild land of South America. Legend has it that there is an advanced civilization inspired by ancient Greek cities, full of treasure and extremely rich.

According to the records of a monk living in the 16th century, this is the home of the native whites and female warriors. South America has many unexplored areas with dense forests, no one knows what’s in its underground.


The missing Z city is still a mystery to anyone

One of the most famous people who used to search for Z City and missed is Colonel Percy Fawcett. Fawcett kept his passage secret to avoid being overtaken by other adventurers. He disappeared into the Amazon in 1925.

His trip and his disappearance are extremely mysterious, his notes and misleading instructions have given some answers. One hypothesis is that this famous adventurer does not go to the forest to find the missing city, but his aims are finding a new city in the belief of his son, who accompanied with him on the journey.

The satellite images show what Fawcett searched for not far from where he calculated. Fawcett believes that the mystical city’s entrance is located in the Amazon basin, between the two tributaries of Xingu and Tapajos of the Amazon River.

More than 200 landforms along the Brazilian and Bolivian borders show that his hypothesis is somewhat true. The researchers suggest that some of the buildings date back to 200AD, some dating back to the 13th century. Fawcett’s legendary city entrance seems to be farther to the southwest than he intended.

Before this new discovery, people often thought that the Amazon could not survive a large-scale agriculture, not to mention a large city like that. However, studies show that the city was once home to about 60,000 people.

This city is not only composed of small buildings, but some of its buildings are even larger than the Egyptian pyramids.

5. Newgrange Tomb

Newgrange is a giant tomb built in the Boyne Valley more than 5,000 years ago. The work was not only an impressive performance on astronomy knowledge but also an entry into the Celtic world.

According to Celtic mythology, the gods go back and forth between heaven and earth and through special and sacred places like Newgrange.


There are a lot of stories about the Newgrange Tomb

It is also said to be the entrance to the Hall of Light, according to the Newgrange legend, where there is no sickness, disease, old age or death. There is always food and drink from the fairy trees.

6. Scholomance School

Scholomance is a mysterious school that exists in Romanian folklore and is recorded by an English writer named Emily Gerard.

According to Gerard, Scholomance accepted only 10 students per course and the devil himself would be the teacher. Learners will learn all the spells and tricks of the devil, including animal talk and weather control. After the course, only nine practitioners were released.

The devil will keep a student for the school fees and take him to a bottomless lake. He will live there until the devil needs him to create lightning.


People still can’t explain some stories of this school of devil

Scholomance version of Gerard differs from the traditional version of Romania. In Romanian folklore, it is called Solomanari and is located in the world parallel to our world.

In the famous story about Dracula, Bram Stoker used the idea of Scholomance to explain the origin of the Dracula family’s magic.

Legend has it that the lake where the devil’s assistant living is located and the demonic school is on the Carpathians near Hermanstadt, where there are frequent storms.

Those who search for that lake will know they have reached their destination when they see the mounds of water along the lake, marking this place the mischievous hail of the devil hits.

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