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Destinations that are believed to be the doors to another land (part 1)

According to legend, there are many mysterious kingdoms and lands that exist parallel to our world with entrances connected to our real landmarks.

1. Styx River, Egypt

Styx River is the gateway to the afterlife of the Greeks. According to legend, it has seven passages through the realm of Hades, the god of hell.

River water can erode everything, be toxic and deadly. The river flows through two giant silver pillars, guarded by the goddess Styx. It is also said that this river is real, and its water has killed one of the greatest leaders in world history.


Styx river is the way to the hell in legend

According to legend, the water of the Styx River is considered a lie detection tool that Zeus uses with his deities. If they lie, they won’t be able to speak and act for a year.

These symptoms coincide unbelievably with what Alexander the Great experienced before his death in 323 BC. The Greek emperor suffered from visceral and joint pain, high fever and loss of his voice before falling into a coma.


It’s an attractive destination for many adventurers

These symptoms are also very similar to the symptoms of people infected with Calicheamicin, a toxin produced by bacteria in limestone, the rocks are abundant in Mavroneri river. Also known as the Black River, the river that flows through the mountains of Peloponnesia has long been considered the embodiment of Styx River in the real world.

Ancient legends say that its waters are extremely corrosive and dangerous, like the Styx River, to the extent that the only thing not to be eroded by them is horseshoe craft.

2. Xibalba of Mayan

At the peak of its dynasty, the Mayan Empire spread throughout Mexico and Central America, and the Mayan had a strong belief in another world.

Their eternal rest is Xibalba, where only dead souls can enter after experiencing a series of ordeals, from wading through the scorpion-rich river, passing bat marshes to following a canine dog which can see in the dark.


The mysterious cave system in Yucatan island

There are many different paths leading to Xibalba, researchers have found another way in the Yucatan Peninsula. The vestiges are in the ground and is a part of the water region is a huge cave maze that depicts the Mayan imagery of the afterlife.

Archaeologists have found 11 temples in the cave system, along with evidence of human sacrifice.

Some were used to sacrifice the dead, including pottery, stone relief, and porcelain. Archaeologists have also found huge stone pillars and structures built underwater, demonstrating the effort and time that the Mayan has spent to build the site.

3. Garden of the Hesperides

According to Greek mythology, the goddess Gaia gave Hera a wedding gift, that’s the golden apple trees, protected in the garden of Hesperides. Hercules is responsible for stealing a yellow apple, which he has done by taking over Atlas’s duty, that’s lifting the Earth while Titan is going to take the apple.


Legend has it that if anyone enters this garden without Hera’s permission, they’ll be punished

Entrance to the garden is said to be located in Lixus, a coastal city in Morocco. Once a busy port of Rome, now the walls and buildings of Lixus are deserted. The location of the garden is depicted in a Greek Hellenistic text.

And those are 3 out of 6 destinations that people still believe are the entrances to another world. To find out the rest of the list, let’s follow me to the NEXT part of this article!

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