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Demilitarised Zone – Quang Tri, Vietnam

Demilitarised Zone – Quang Tri, Vietnam

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Quang Tri was once an important citadel city and located south of the former Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that existed between North and South Vietnam during the American War. It is bordered on the north by Quang Binh, on the south by Hue, on the east by the South China Sea coastline and on the west by Laos. Ravaged by war and distinguished by poor terrain and bad weather, Quang Tri is among those provinces most adversely affected by the war.

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What to do?

There is little to see in the town except famous historic sights including Quang Tri citadel, La Vang Church, Quang tri Citadel and Sac Tu Pagoda. And important sights that marked violent battles took place in Quang Tri Province during the American War such as Hien Luong Bridge, Tung Gate and Vinh Moc underground tunnels.

Vinh Moc Tunnels is well-known as an underground village constructed to avoid bombardments during the American War (1965-1966). The complex grew to include wells, kitchens, rooms for each family and spaces for healthcare. Today, for visitors’ safety, the tunnels were restored with reinforced concrete and internal lightening.

Demilitarised Zone – Quang Tri, Vietnam 1

Truong Son Cemetery was built on several low lying hills in Truong Son village, Gio Linh district. It is a memorial to Vietnamese soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for national liberation and independence.

Hien Luong Bridge was first built by French sappers in 1950 and under the Geneva Agreement on Vietnam signed in 1954, served as the border gates to both sides. It is very pleasant to go on boat down stream on the Ben Hai River and admire the beautiful landscapes.

Quang Tri Citadel was a military bastion and an administrative head office of Nguyen Dynasty in Quang Tri Province from 1809 to 1945. The incident of 81 days and nights in 1972 during American War has made this citadel well-known all over the world.

When to go?

The weather in Quang Tri is very severe with hot and dry south- west winds. Annual average temperature is 24 Degree Celcious. The most convenient time to visit the area is from March to August, particularly in March and April when it is normally dry and the temperatures are cooler although light rain is still likely.

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