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Da Lat – A city of pine trees for dreamers

In the last days of the year, the urban pace seems to be hustling more than ever. Whirl winding with reports to the superiors, trying to earn a little more to enjoy Tet. But perhaps, Da Lat is one of the rare places outside the treadmill.

Da Lat is the most beautiful when just wake up after a long night. In the morning this land is quite cold for those who are used to the year-round sunshine of the country, and it is easy to understand if suddenly you see a soft mattress with a warm blanket has extra attraction.


Da Lat, city of pine trees

But come here, try to wake up once to see the moment the white mist cleared to the door is gradually fading, the sun rays racing through the leaves. The purity, the goodness of the earth and sky will be like a lovely light to the soul of the human.

You can find Da Lat’s peace from the cup of hot coffee to the fragrant corner street. There is no shortage of nice coffee shops, and there is no lack of good cafes here. But if you go to Da Lat without visiting Tung café, you made a big mistake. Because more than just a normal coffee shop,  Tung Café also offers you a very special feeling, a crush that can make you unable to forget Da Lat.


Tung Café in Da Lat

Coming to Tung Café, unconsciously, people will feel the brown of the old, the fragrance of nostalgia and the aftertaste of memory. Tung Café is not wide, so acquaintances or strangers also become closer.

The attractiveness of Da Lat appears from the wild flowers along the road. Do not ask the most beautiful place in Da Lat, because no one dares to give satisfactory answer. This land is gentle and soothing, but still wears its wildness, inspiring people to explore. To Da Lat, do not rush to travel all the tourist destinations, because their beauty is something that you have to feel really slowly in order to really get to know.


A pristine beauty of Da Lat

So, sit down, lean back on an old pine tree to listen to the whisper of the wind, inhale the scent of pine resin to fill the chest. Da Lat is not only romantic because of Paris-like architecture, or majestic with white waterfalls. Da Lat also appears in the eyes of the dreamers through the wild flower branches of the road. Just open your heart, take a deep breath,… you will find yourself never lost, lonely in the land of thousands of flowers.

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