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Come to Thailand to explore five beautiful secret places in the North

Northern Thailand has a lot of tourist attractions, so it is not strange that visitors may miss some of them. Doi Suthep, the Golden Triangle area or Wat Rong Khun may be not strange anymore to Thai tourists, but Phu Lang Ka, Huay Nam Dang still remains unknown. And 5 new destinations below will be your next destinations​ when traveling to the Golden Temple country.

1. Phu Lang Ka, Phayao

Phayao is probably one of the unspoiled provinces in Thailand. Although many Thais think that there is nothing here but Phayao, on the other hand, brings a lot of interesting experiences to visitors.

Only when deciding to take risks and get rid of the stereotype, boring, you can feel the magic of Phayao. In it, it is impossible not to mention the hidden beauty of Phu Lang Ka – a small and remote community located in the mountainous district of Pong, Phayao province.


Phu Lang Ka, Phayao

Phu Lang Ka is located on the slopes, looking down to the valley with some limestone cliffs, just like the beautiful limestone mountains of Krabi, Vang Vieng and Halong Bay. Phu Lang Ka is very far from the sea, so the breath of mountain life will surround you every moment.

If you want to visit the forest, explore the “foggy islands” or “misty seas” in the early morning in valleys or you can also climb to the mountains like Doi Hua Ling, Doi Phu Lang. And Doi Phu Nom. It’s​ assured that once you stand in these mountains, you will be able to see the sunrise in its most beautiful shape.

2. Doi Kat Phee

Doi Kat Phee is the peak of one of the highest mountains in Doi Kat Phee National Park, along with two other mountains, Doi Chaang and Doi Wawee, which surround a 10 square kilometer land. Doi Kat Phee has just started floating in recent years and is gradually becoming a tourist destination attracting “thousands of people” when many visitors come here to camp to watch the sunrise.


Doi Kat Phee

In Thai, Doi means hill, Kat means market and Phee is ghost. So the meaning of Doi Kat Phee’s name is the hill of souls. Located 52km from Chiang Rai, Doi Kat Phee is mainly mountainous terrain, so it takes more than 3 hours to get here by car.

Coming to Doi Kat Pee, you will be immersed in four beautiful natural landscapes and canals shared with neighbors, the perfect viewing corner. Especially, when you come here from November to January, the air is cool, the sun rises in the misty sea in the early morning, the breeze blows gently through the fields of flowers will make you lose your soulhere, and​ even do not want to come home.

3. Doi Loung Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

Just like Doi Kat Phee, Doi Loung Chiang Dao was previously a land of unknowns and has only recently awakened tourism potential. Set amidst the green forest at the foot of a giant limestone mountain, Chiang Dao is widely believed to be the perfect place to escape the bustle of Chiang Mai.


Doi Loung Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

The road to Doi Chiang Dao is quite difficult, and that is probably why people choose this place less. Visitors must have good health and strong psychology to conquer the high land 2,225m above sea level. However, the fairytale scene of this place will not leave you overcome all the difficulties along the way.

One of the best hotels in Chiang Dao is Baan Ra Beang Doa – a resort of small houses nestled between mountains and forests. Although not luxurious, but this resort will provide the experience of life between mountains and forests in the most complete. From the balcony of the houses, you can look out and be immersed in the midst of a sea of glittering stars.

4. Huay Nam Dang, Mae Hong Son

Come to Mae Hong Son, next to Pai is so famous, why not try to go a little further north to reunite with Huay Nam Dang rustic? Huay Nam Dang is not as famous as Pai, but is the most beautiful fog in Thailand.


Huay Nam Dang, Mae Hong Son

Huay Nam Dang is located on the top of a hill in the same mountain range as Chiang Dao. The temperature here can go down to minus 10 degrees Celsius from October to December with mist all over the corner, like raising a small town bubbling in the middle of the sea.

5. Doi Hau Singh, Om Koi, Chiang Mai

Doi Hau Singh is the summit area of Doi Chong Mon – the tallest hill in the Om Koi Wilderness Sanctuary. Doi Hau Singh of Om Goi – the most secluded district of Chiang Mai. This place seems isolated from the outside world, with only few villages scattered among the majestic hillsides.


Doi Hau Singh, Om Koi, Chiang Mai

The shape of one of the hills looks like a lion’s head, so this place is called the Lion Hill – Doi Hau Singh in Thai. When standing on top of the lion’s head, you can see the horizon in the distance.

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