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Come to Hanoi, don’t forget to enjoy these delicious hotpots in the cold Winter!

Hotpot is always the dish that makes many people crave in the cold days. Here are some hotpots which absolutely can’t be missed if you come to Hanoi when it’s in the end of Autumn.

1. Frog hotpot

Frog hotpot is probably one of the most favorite dishes of the young people in Hanoi. Enjoying the frog hotpot has long been an indispensable habit of the Northern people. Just imagine that you’re waiting for a pot of frog hotpot and smelling the irresistible fragrance of this delicious dish in the cold weather with a little rain outside, each piece of frog will make you feel like an harmony of flavors, both soft and tasty. Therefore, enjoying a pot of frog hotpot in a rainy day will be a wonderful experience hard to describe for any tourists once coming to Hanoi.


Frog hotpot Lo Duc

Some locations for a delicious pot of frog hotpot are Giang Van Minh Street, Long Bien Bridge, Lo Duc, Truc Bach Lake,…

2. Thai hotpot

One of the indispensable dishes in the winter days of Hanoi is probably the spicy and sour Thai hotpot. Imagine, in the cold winds, enjoying a pot of Thai hotpot, it will immediately dispel the cold for you. Thai hotpot is one of the top choices for seafood lovers.


Thai hotpot on Hang Luoc street

A pot of Thai hotpot is always attractive to anyone, not only because of the variety of its ingredients but also due to the rich taste it has: sour, sweet, rich, and a bit spicy.

Places to find a good Thai hotpot are Hang Luoc street or Le Dai Hanh street,…

3. Beef soaked in hot vinegar

Beef soaked in hot vinegar is also always included in the menu of most chosen dishes for the people of Hanoi in the cold weather. Unlike other hotpots, with broth cooked from bone or animal fats, the broth of this hotpot is specially made from fresh coconut, rice vinegar, lemon grass and onion,… Slices of fresh beef will be dipped in a pot of sweet and sour water, served with vegetables and a special kind of sauce call Nem sauce, which add to the “undeniable” appeal of this hotpot.


Beef soaked in hot vinegar on Ba Trieu street

Famous places to enjoy this delicious dish are Tran Xuan Soan, Hoe Nhai or Ba Trieu,…

4. Crab-beef hotpot

This hotpot is especially loved by many people in Hanoi, including typical specialties of the Northern land with sweet, light flavors and irresistible scent. The most attractive point of this dish is probably in the fragrance of rice with the sour taste of vinegar that only smelled only want to eat immediately.


Crab-beef hotpot on Le Duan street

Just come here in the Winter and enjoy a pot of crab-beef hotpot and you’ll feel like your soul warmed up.

Places to find good crab-beef hotpot are Pho Duc Chinh street or Nguyen Du, Le Duan,…

5. Goat hotpot

When people are bored with the menus that just have the familiar proteins like beef, pork, chicken,… goat hotpot become the first choice for those who like to change their taste a bit. Goat is a special kind of protein that requires a very elaborate processing and is extremely nutritious. Goat will be perfect if being mixed with ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon,…


Goat hotpot on Lang Ha street

It is also because of the variety of ingredients that make goat hotpot become a specialty that most of people want to enjoy in Winter.

In Hanoi, there are also many good goat hotpot restaurants such as Hang Cot, Lang Ha and Le Van Luong.

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