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Chinese Food In Singapore

Chinese Food In Singapore

Chicken Rice – This is one meal swore by a large number of Singapore Chinese. It is fragrant rice (frangrance made by pandan leaves and the soup used to cook the chicken) served with chicken meat (either boiled or roasted, some offer other varieties as well, but not common) and some cucumber slices. It is usually served together with a small bowl of soup (which is the soup-based used to cook the chicken) as well. Such servings generally costs S$2.50 to S$3.00 (you should not be paying anything more than S$5.00) per plate. Additional rice generally costs S$0.30 to S$0.50 per bowl.

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This dish is usually prepared by and made famous by Hainanese, that is why it is sometimes called or known as “Hainanese Chicken Rice”.

There is also a variety offered by our Malay friends. The Malay version generally deep-fry their chicken, instead of steam boil by our Chinese friends. The Malay version is usually called “Nasi Ayam Goreng” which means “Rice Chicken Fried” if you translate word by word. 🙂 [see below for more details]

Fishball Noodles (Dry/Soup) – It is noodles served with fishball (made from fish paste, into shapes of a ball, that is why it is called fishball!) and some minced pork.

It is served either “dry” (mixed with chilli paste) and soup (in soup form, soup usually made of ikan bilis (small fish) stock). Dry versions are usually served with a separate bowl (small) of soup.

Tongue twister again – the dry version is called “Ta Mee” (Hokkien for Dry Nooddle), the soup version is called “Tng Mee” (Hokkien for Soup Noodle). Nope, correct spelling, just try pronouncing it and have fun).

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You will find the fishball chewy and tasty, not to mention the mixture of the noodles with minced pork and the chilli paste makes a wonderful lunch. Each bowl/serving should costs about S$2.00 – S$3.50 (depending on where you are eating at).

Prawn Noodles (Dry/Soup) – Similar to the fishball version, the prawn noodles are a mixture of noodles and prawns, and usually with some cut learn pork as well. It is also served with soup (prawn stock). Dry version includes the chilli paste as well. The difference between the prawn noodles and the fish ball noodles (aside from the ingredients) would be the chilli paste.

Chilli paste for the prawn noodles are contains a little sweet taste, whereas the fish ball noodles version does not contain any sweet taste.

Each bowl/serving should costs about S$2.00 – S$3.50 (depending on where you are eating at).

Ba Kut Teh (loosely translated to Pork’s Bones Tea) – It is pork ribs/limbs stewed in soup (brownish or clear, depending on which dialect group’s soup you are eating), served with rice.

The ingredients used in making the stock is heavenly and you will experience pespiration while having this meal, as a lot of pepper (white) are added to the soup.

Try both versions, both contain herbs and are considered good for the body system!


A serving of Ba Kut Teh should costs about S$3.50 – S$5.00. You will have an option of the internal organs of the pig, if you do not like them, just tell the stall that you do not wish to have “spare parts”. “Spare Parts” usually refers to the pig’s liver, intestines etc. parts.

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