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Chinatown And Little India In Singapore

Chinatown And Little India In Singapore

This is one place NOT to be missed. Aside from quality goods, you will find that things here are quite affordable and more reasonably-priced than compared to prices found in Orchard Road. You can find lots more chinese handicrafts (like paintings, art works etc.), clothings etc. at affordable prices.

How to get there: Take a train to Outram MRT station, and follow the signs and walk towards Chinatown. When in doubt, just ask the locals around the station (or ask the station officers on duty) on how to get to Chinatown. You will find malls, shops etc. along the walkway.

Chinatown And Little India In Singapore 1

You can also find a lot of stalls selling local food (dim sum, fish balls etc.) along the way and it is extremely affordable (S$1.00 onwards).

Check out the popular People’s Park Complete, Pearl Centre etc. malls along the way. You can also find electronic goods, electronic games etc. along the way.

Little India (Serangoon Road)

Chinatown And Little India In Singapore 1

This is another place not to be missed. If you are into India’s culture, we have a little India in Singapore! Lots of bargain items are available along the stretch of “Little India”

There is a shopping mall towards the end of Little India which is call Mustafa Centre. This is a huge bargain-hunters ground where you can practically find ANYTHING you can name (and I really mean ANYTHING).

Oh yes, remember to drop by the places for food along the way as well! Check out the Indian Tosai (a type of Indian food) along the walk, I recommend the one opposite Mustafa Centre for the Tosai, finger licking good!

How to get there: Take a train to Bugis MRT station and ask the locals around how to get to Little India. It is about 15 mins walk away. Alternatively, if you are traveling from Orchard Road, take bus service no. 65, 111 etc., ask the bus driver to tell you where to drop.

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