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Chatuchak weekend market – An awesome destination for Thailand shopping tours

If there is a destination in Bangkok that can give you the feeling of “running out of money” but still completely satisfied with this action, then that’s nowhere else but Chatuchak weekend market – the largest outdoor market in Thailand.

Chatuchak weekend market (Jatujak) also known as JJ market, is a paradise for those who love to shop. “Shopping until you run out of money” is the best way to describe how you will spend your day shopping here. A journey through the labyrinth of alleyways will bring you a lot more wonderful experience than you can imagine, including purchasing trendy clothing, unique accessories, books, souvenirs, handicrafts, silk, furniture, and even pets at cheap prices.


The eventful atmosphere of Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak means weekend market, they call this market so, because the market is only held on every Saturday and Sunday. The market was built in the 40s of last century, it witnessed many important historical events of Thailand, the market is now located on a land of over 1 km² on Phahonyothin Road, central Bangkok. Chatuchak will give you a great experience in an awesome shopping paradise of Bangkok.

This is a popular shopping destination for both Thais and foreign tourists. Thai people from all over the country come here to buy and sell their products. On every single weekend, about 200,000 people come here, of which 30% are tourists.


This market has a lot of items for tourists to buy

Chatuchak skyline was built right next to the park having the same name. If you travel on a Thailand tour, you will absolutely be introduced to this market. Almost all visitors can’t go out without buying something here. This busy market has many entrances to facilitate shopping. There are also the information stations in this market, where you can ask and receive maps of the market.

This market opens on Friday: from 6 pm – midnight; Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 6pm.

There are many ways to get to Chatuchak Market from anywhere in Bangkok such as buses, tuk tuk, taxis, metro and tram. However, the most popular and preferred transports are metro and tram. If you take the subway, buy tickets to Chatuchak Park station, because from the station you will see Chatuchak market across the street. If traveling by train, go to Mochit Station (Terminal), walk along Chatuchak Park for a few minutes to the market.


A dish in Chatuchak Market

Coming to Chatuchak, in addition to shopping, you should not overlook the opportunity to enjoy a lot of mouth-watering dishes with wonderful flavors here in the large food court.

A very special point of Chatuchak Market is that there’s no beggar here, there’s only only street artists who make money by performing arts shows and receiving money from passersby.


A performance of street artists in Chatuchak Market

On weekends during your Bangkok trip, if you do not know where to go, explore the Chatuchak market, go foot in the biggest market in the world and buy a lot of nice things!


  • Be sure to carry an empty backpack to store the goods you bought, and when you move, wear a backpack in front of your chest.
  • Be careful with pickpockets and keep your belongings intact.
  • Should go to the market in the morning because the market will be very hot and crowded in the afternoon.
  • Keep a map of the market free of charge at the tourist information counter.
  • At Chatuchak, if you like something and see a reasonable price, buy it, because you almost can not find the right location of the store you have been through.

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