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Cebu – an attractive destination for travelers when traveling to the Philippines

As the second largest city in the Philippines after Manila, Cebu is considered as a haven of ancient and modern beauty.

Thanks to its white sandy beach, clear blue water and cool sea breezes, the soaring rows of coconuts and many street foods, Cebu has attracted a lot of visitors come and visit each year.

Let’s together with me explore the reasons why Cebu attracts visitors when traveling to the Philippines.

1. Get mouth-watering with the street food


Cebu has a Theersified streetfood

As a crossroads of many cultures, Cebu cuisine is always able to satisfy anyone, in any age and with any gout. Some of the specialties you should not miss are lansiao, bakassi (eel), tuslob buwa (pork bone),…

2. Have the best Lechon in the world


The delicious Lechon of Cebu

According to famous chef Anthony Bourdain, there is no place in the world to produce delicious lechon as in Cebu. Lechon is marinated pork, skewered with bamboo sticks and baked on a charcoal fire stove. This is an indispensable dish for the festivals and family celebrations in the Philippines.

3. Visit the town of Oslob

In the past, Oslob was rather a boring town, but now it becomes an extremely attractive destination for swimmers and whale sharks. This is one of the largest sharks in the world and this tour has brought in a great deal of local income.


The romantic Oslob town

Alongside the whale sharks, visitors coming to Oslob can also admire the beauty of the Tumalog Waterfall or Sumilon Island for a chance to soak up in the beautiful beaches.

4. Nalusuan Island


The beautiful Nalusuan island

Nalusuan is one of the smallest islands that have been put into tourism in Cebu. Coming to this paradise island, visitors can dive in the sea, watch the flocks of fish swimming, colorful coral reefs at the bottom or enjoy the delicious seafood.

5. Snorkeling in Moalboal


The underwater world in the Moalboal sea is so magnificent

Snorkeling is one of the activities that visitors can not miss when coming to Moalboal. Moalboal has two beaches, Panagsama Beach and White Beach, in which Panagsama is famous for its playful activities, while White Beach is a popular beach attraction.

At this point, visitors can just dive into the sea while watching the coral reefs, swim along with sea turtles, you will even have the opportunity to see white shark and hammerheads.

6. Kawasan Waterfall


The gorgeous Kawasan waterfall

Speaking of attractions in Cebu, visitors cannot miss the Kawasan Falls. Kawasan is located in the heart of the Barangay Matutinao Mountains, in the town of Badian, 130km southwest of Cebu.

This place attracts visitors by the emerald green water and the beautiful natural surroundings. In addition, Kawasan also attracts adventurous travelers with activities such as trekking, discovering,…

7. Camotes archipelago


The pristine Camotes archipelago

Camotes are formed from the islands of Pacjan, Ponson, Poro, and Tulang, which are famous for its unspoiled natural beauty. If you like swimming and sunbathing you can choose Santiago Bay or Mangodlong.

If you like the peace, you can rent a boat and row on Danao lake or “Lake of the mistress”. If you like adventure activities, you can explore the Bukilat Cave in Tudela, famous for its stalagmites and stalactites.

8. Malapascua Island


Diving in the sea of Malapascua island is a great experience

Malapascua is a small island located in the North of Cebu, attracting many visitors thanks to professional diving services. The beach is very clean, with gentle waves and white sand. When swimming, even close to shore, you can also observe the colorful small fish. In addition, here you will occasionally see the long tail shark, demon ray, sea snake …

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