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Binh Lap and simple attraction you may not know

Located in ​​Tu Binh region of Cam Ranh, but Binh Lap is less known to tourists than the others because its location is almost separated from the outside noisy world. To travel to Binh Lap, it won’t cost too much, but still gives you the unique and fancy experience when immersing in the blue sea, lying on the white sand stretching to endless.

Plan for a trip to Binh Lap:

Binh Lap is located in the deep-water region of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa, in the South Central of Vietnam, so the weather in Binh Lap is quite pleasant. You can go to Binh Lap at any time of the year. However, if during the rainy season, from September to December, you should watch the weather forecast a few days before the trip to choose the appropriate date. For the spring and summer, Binh Lap beach is green and clear that you can see the bottom of the sea.


The way to Binh Lap

There are 3 roads to come to Binh Lap:

  • Depart from Cam Ranh: From Cam Ranh airport, go through National Highway 1A to enter DT702, towards Vinh Hy Bay.
  • Depart from Phan Rang: From Phan Rang city, continue on National Highway 1A also 40km to the gas station 74, then turn right into DT702 and go towards Ngoc Suong resort.
  • Coastal road: Also depart from Phan Rang city, but cross Nai lagoon, King lagoon and go to the National Park of the mountain on DT702 road, this is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam that you can’t ignore.


The coastal roads to Binh Lap

From Saigon or Hanoi, you can fly to Cam Ranh airport very easily and quickly. If in Saigon, Cam Ranh or Phan Rang with two train or bus at the East bus station. After a night in the car, in the morning, you can rent a motorbike to go to Binh Lap.

Binh Lap does not have many places to stay overnight. The most luxurious resort is Ngoc Suong or also known as Yen Resort with the price of 2,000,000VND/ bungalow. Or if you want to save money you can rent a tent for two people at the resort’s beach for only 400,000VND per night. In addition, Binh Lap is developing more popular accommodation services such as Binh Lap Resort, Hoa Vang Island Resort, Sao Bien Eco-tourism,…


Binh Lap resort

In Binh Lap, there is no homestay service, but if for some reason you are trapped in Binh Lap, you can ask local people to sleep for free, because the people here are very friendly and generous. This is only the last way if you have no other way.

Visiting, exploring and enjoying specialties

Coming to Binh Lap is almost like entering a completely different world. Although it is a peninsula, it is separated from the outside. In Binh Lap you can explore Binh Chau beach and many restaurants. Ngang Beach is located in front of Hoa Vang Villa. Because of the clean and clear water, this beach has a lot of nets for shrimp farming. Bai Ngang is also sought after to explore. In addition, you can charter a boat to Con beach and other pristine beaches around Binh Lap.


Ngang beach in Binh Lap

If you are still looking for an interesting trip, don’t miss the small fishing village near Sao Bien eco-tourism. The first feeling when you get here is the cool sea breeze, although it is noon. The wharf on the clear water will make anyone fall in love with this one.

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