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Beautiful tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan (part 3)

Beautiful tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan (part 1)

Beautiful tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan (part 2)

Here we meet again with the last names of the list of beautiful destinations that tourists should check-in at least once when coming to Ninh Thuan!

9. Nam Cuong sandhill

With an area of over 700 hectares, the sand dunes in Nam Cuong are long-lasting and can be seen clearly more than 15km from National Highway 1A. Especially in Nangang, this place is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by mountains, sea, and villages.


Nam Cuong sandhill

Early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time to visit Nam Cuong sand hill. With a pair of sandals, walking on the vast sand dunes or recording the sunset moments on the sandhill, seeing Cham girls bringing the baskets on their head, grazing sheep,… are the wonderful experiences that you should try once.

10. Mui Dinh – Lighthouse

Located in Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province, about 45km south of Phan Rang city, Mui Dinh is now easily accessible due to the 106km long coastal road has been put into use.


Mui Dinh with its lighthouse

Getting here is not easy. Under the heat of 38-40 degrees C, you’ll have to cross the sand dunes, the ramp gives you more or fewer feelings of fatigue and anxiety. However, if you have arrived, you will be compensated by the scenic space that is so beautiful and untouched, totally separated from the modern, noisy world outside.

At the foot of the lighthouse, there are blue, pristine beaches, the fine white sand, the gentle sand dunes stretching along the mountains, which can make any traveling heart fall right at the first time seeing.

11. Chapo Falls

The melodious sounds of the waterfall mixed with the sounds of birds, together create a harmony of Nature that you can only enjoy when coming to Chapo Falls, where it will be a great ecotourism destination for anyone who loves to explore new places. Located about 60km north-west of the city center, the Chapo Waterfall is gifted by Mother Nature for the majestic scenery that is both beautiful and captivating.


Chapo falls

Coming to Chapo waterfall, you will have to walk among the pristine primeval forests, conquer harsh terrain, immerse in cool water, listen to the music sung by the trees, the birds, and other animals of Bia Ai forest. In addition, you can also enjoy the aromatic wine and immerse yourself in the traditional music of the Raglai people,… which will make you ripe in the regret when leaving.

12. Red Islet

Red Islet is a new destination in Ninh Thuan. From the center of Vinh Hy town about 20km to My Hiep village, Thanh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district and continue to walk along the smooth golden sand road about 20 minutes, and you’ll approach Red islet.


Red islet

When you come here, the first image you encounter will be a picture of the people living in the sea in a busy atmosphere. Don’t ever hesitate to ask people to experience harvesting fish and seaweed, conquer the broad expanse of jungles on a high hill, behind a clear blue sea, beautiful waves with fluttering waves, coral reefs stretching several tens of meters.

In addition, the waves and winds are very strong here. If possible, bring an umbrella for surfing, or trying some adventurous watersports.

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