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Beautiful tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan (part 2)

Now, let’s continue with the list of beautiful destinations in Ninh Thuan that we paused with the 3 first names in Part 1!

4. Vineyard

Vineyard tours in Ninh Thuan always attract many tourists each year, because when coming here, you can have the chance to immerse in the fresh green of vast vineyards, enjoy the special taste of the high-quality grapes, which can make you feel like being lost in a certain old Hollywood movie.

Some people love to go around and see the fresh, luxuriant bunch of grapes dangling on the branches, some others love to experience and find out why in the place where “fire pan” Ninh Thuan has such a delicious fruit.


Vineyards in Ninh Thuan

Ba Moi Vineyard, Thai An and the gardens along Dinh River are always great choices for a tour of the vineyards in Ninh Thuan. In Ba Moi vineyard, visitors won’t only be able to pick the grapes, take beautiful photos, enjoy free fresh grapes, but also experience the homestay or party at night under the grape root and enjoy the cool breezes flowing through.

5. Vinh Hy Bay

Follow the provincial road 702, and you will cross the spectacular and poetic passage, the road that led you to the beach can sometimes make you feel that you just need to raise your hands to catch the waves, but sometimes can lead you deep into the rock walls, mountains with the villages lying along, white salt fields,… Vinh Hy appears as a watery painting, which can make you fall in love at the first time seeing.


Vinh Hy bay

Coming to Vinh Hy bay, in addition to diving to explore the magnificent coral reefs, visitors can launch, soak in Ba Dien beach, take a scuba-diving, enjoy fresh seafood at the raft or adventurous sports experience like surfing.

6. Binh Tien Beach

Binh Tien is very well-known to many tourists in the country with wild beauty and clear blue water, but until now, this beautiful beach is still untouched, like a sleeping beauty waiting for the sea-lovers come to explore.


Binh Tien beach

From Vinh Hy, tourists can go about 15km to visit Binh Tien. No matter swimming, making picnic parties with friends, or camping overnight here,… everything is just great.

7. National Parks

If Nui Chua National Park is called “African deserts” in Vietnam, Phuoc Binh National Park is characterized by cool climate due to the climate just like Lam Dong province.


Nui Chua national parks in Ninh Thuan

This place is not only for researchers to explore the rich flora and fauna but also is the perfect destination for trekking journey, camping and exploring hidden lands in the jungle.

8. Otter cave

On the road 702 to Vinh Hy Bay, Otter cave is quietly located right in front of the bridge No. 1, in Thai An village, Vinh Hai commune, 35km from the city center. This place is also like Binh Tien beach, a sleeping beauty waiting for the adventurers to come and discover its hidden beauty, for the photographer and the tourist to record the wonderful images of rock mountains here.


Otter cave in Ninh Thuan

Big rocks stacked on top of dozens of meters, creating beautiful caves, forming a perfect living condition for the otter, and this is the reason why this is called Otter cave. The Otter cave is suitable for sightseeing, fishing and has recently been recognized as the “number one destination” for photographers to take photos of the magnificent sunrise or the mysterious layers of moss.

As I said, the destinations above are so fantastic, right!

However, there are still more wonderful tourist sites of Ninh Thuan that any traveling heart must come at least once in life. So, if you wanna know all those new, mysterious and wonderful places, let’s follow me to the LAST part of this list!

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