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Beautiful tourist destinations of Ninh Thuan (part 1)

Ninh Thuan is a relatively new place on the map of Vietnam. But when you come here you will have many things to visit, to discover, to get to know about, and to tell your acquaintances,… including a series of beautiful and interesting photos.

Ninh Thuan is located between two famous tourist destinations: Nha Trang and Mui Ne, therefore, it seems to be underestimated and less noticeable than those two famous places nearby.

But the real attraction of Ninh Thuan doesn’t come from the crowded tourist lines or modern tourist centers,… it comes from the beautiful historical monuments, the gorgeous masterpieces of Nature, which can give any tourists a memorable trip that they can never experience in anywhere else.

If you visit one of the beautiful destinations of Ninh Thuan, such as Cham village, Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Chu beach, Nam Cuong sand hill, Red islet, Otter cave, Mui Dinh and Chapo falls,…, you will definitely be attracted by their unique and charming beauty.

Let’s follow me on the journey of discovering the mysterious attraction of Ninh Thuan!

1. PoKlongGirai Tower

Located near Thap Cham station, about 7km from Phan Rang city center, this place is an intact architectural complex with ancient monuments that still keep the unique traits of Champa architecture, including the main tower, tower’s gate, sub-tower and walls made of red bricks.


PoKlongGirai Tower

When coming to this historical tourist site, visitors won’t only have the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Champa, one of the first cultures that appeared in Southeast Asia, but also to see the flock of storks in the vast fields, record the gorgeous moments of sunset or nightlight at the foot of Ngoan Muc Pass from afar.

2. Cham village

If coming to Ninh Thuan but forget to visit these two traditional villages of Cham people here such as Bau Truc pottery village and My Nghiep brocade village, that will be a big mistake. These two points are quite close to each other, so visitors can schedule a trip around the whole villages in just a day.


Cham village

The highlight of Bau Truc pottery village is the method of shaping the products are handmade, raw materials mainly from the clay of the Quao River and mixed with some other ingredients. Finished products are fired by the traditional open fireplace and firing two times, making the ceramic brown, dark gray characteristic.

Hand-made brocade weaving is also applied in  My Nghiep craft village, where weaving patterns of textile products with a variety of unique patterns and a great variety of models, bold type of characteristics of Cham culture.

3. Ninh Chu Beach

Ninh Chu beach is less than 5km from the center of the city, is a beautiful beach of Vietnam, located in Phan Rang Bay and surrounded on one side by the mountains running along the edge of the sea. In the morning, Ninh Chu is bustling with the hustle and bustle of the fishermen, the afternoon, the bustle will be replaced by the peace when the sunset gradually diminished behind the coconut lines, leaving the waves patting on the shore peacefully.


Ninh Chu beach

Ninh Chu Beach also has guesthouses from low to high, meeting the needs of many tourists.

And those are the 3 first tourist destinations that you shouldn’t miss when coming to Ninh Thuan. To find out more fancy destinations in order to plan a wonderful trip to Ninh Thuan, follow me to the NEXT part of this article!

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