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Attractive things of the country of temples

Exquisite silver jewelry, sophisticatedly crafted sculptures or tasty dried fish of Bien Ho,… are interesting things that you should buy as gifts in Cambodia.

Coming to Cambodia, in addition to visiting the mysterious temples, romantic islands, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the typical cuisine of this country.

1. Palm sugar

Palm is a typical species that grows in the country of temples. Sugar made from palm fruit is very delicious, it’s often used to cook many delicious dishes, so, Vietnamese tourists when coming here often buy palm sugar as a gift to friends, relatives,…

The delicious palm sugar must be in liquid, condensed and yellow in color. Thanks to this specific color of palm sugar that when processing, the dishes will have beautiful dark yellow.


Palm sugar – a specialty of the country of temples

To create palm sugar, it demands a lot of efforts and skills that only the professionals can do. The sugar maker will have to collect the palm sweet liquid to make the palm sugar at night in a unique way that you can’t imagine. This liquid after that will be condensed into the raw sugar.

2. Dried fishes of Bien Ho


Dried fishes from Bien Ho have a unique flavor

At markets in Cambodia, it is easy to buy dried fish as gifts such as dried snakehead fish, dried Su fish,… with prices from VND200,000 to VND300,000. With dry, large, not salty pieces of meat, you can fry or grill, and it’s very delicious when eating with rice.

According to many visitors, fish in Bien Ho is more sweet and fragrant in comparison to dried fish in other regions.

3. Dried snake


Dried snake – a unique and challenging specialty

If you just look at this dish by the eye, you will not be able to recognize this kind of food is made from a snake. Dried snakes are made in a very careful method. Snakes after being caught will be cut, stripped out of the skin, removed bones then seasoned and marinated, then dried.

When eating, you will feel the meat not only chewy but also sweet and tasty. The price is about 300,000VND/ kg.

4. Siem Reap beef sausage

Anyone of us got used to the flavor of pork sausage, right! However, the taste of Cambodian beef sausage will absolutely surprise you with its unique tasty flavor which is much more delicious than the normal pork sausage.

Thanks to the carefulness for selecting meat and processing it into the beautiful sausages. Guests will feel a bit fatty, sweet and chewy when eating. Its price is about 250,000VND per kg.


The delicious appearance of Siem Reap beef sausage

In addition, a unique specialty that many visitors want to buy as a gift when coming here is Siem Reap sausage. The sausage is very fragrant, not much fat.

5. Silk products


A beautiful silk product of Cambodia

Silk products are made in traditional handicraft methods, which are characteristic of the country. You can order a silk suit and get it within 24 hours.

6. Silver jewelry


The gorgeous silver jewelry of this country

The silver will be crafted very sophisticatedly, beautifully, therefore, it is the favorite souvenir gift that many people choose to buy when coming to this country.

In Cambodia, silver products are often used in rituals, as jewelry, decorative items, furniture in the family. Silver jewelry is not expensive, suitable for visitors to buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

7. Khmer cloth


The beautiful Khmer cloth

Khmer scarf has become the item selected by many visitors when coming to Cambodia, for just from $2 – $10 depending on quality. Towels are often worn by the locals and are occasionally used as dresses for women.

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