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An unforgettable 2 day excursion to Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is always one the most popular places that travelers who choose Vietnam tours as a way for them to relax and of course satisfy their discovering passion want to head to when coming to this fancy country. Especially the Mekong Delta tours in 2 days which can give tourists a chance to really experience the unique lifestyle of this water region.

When coming to Mekong Delta, if you’re the fans of nature, you can have a chance to enjoy the bicycle tours along the rice fields and lush orchards through the local village. Furthermore, visiting this huge delta, you canal so try many special flavors of fresh fruits and take part in many other activities.


The local villages in Mekong Delta

Once taking Mekong Delta tours, visitors should visit one of the floating markets on the motorized boat to witness the daily activities of the local people as exchange goods, fruits as well as other commodities on vessels. The markets often start very early at 3 AM morning, and this is the time that the busy vibe and noisy atmosphere appear. The sellers in these floating markets often suspend a sample of their product on a top of a pole in order that the customers can easily notice and realize the goods. The variety of things from dried fruit, fresh fruits to animals sold in Mekong Delta will certainly make any travelers satisfied. In recent years, the travelers can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or fruit juice on the “floating coffee shops”. Some local specialties as Hu Tieu, Banh Canh, Xoi or Bun Ca are also available on the ships. It can be the wonderful chance for both native and non-native travelers to chat and learn more about the lives local people and enjoy the hostility of people there.


Fish vermicelli of Mekong Delta in Vietnam

The famous floating markets in Mekong Delta are Cai Rang floating market, Cai Be floating market, Tra On floating market, Nga Nam floating market and Nga Bay floating market. And the best way to really see and feel the awesomeness and difference of these markets is spending 2 days of your Mekong Delta tours to discover them, because these markets just take place in the early morning, that’s why with 2 day tours, you can see the special traits between these unique markets and enjoy the perfect atmosphere here without any hasting like one day Mekong Delta tours.

Besides the rice paddies, the unique floating markets, Mekong Delta is also a paradise for huge gardens with various tropical fruit. The land is favored with the pleasant climate and the natural conditions, so the fruit seasons seem to last all year round, which makes Mekong delta as the ideal destination for both domestic people and foreigners. Visiting these fruit gardens, tourists can listen to the stories about the crop as well as their daily life stories while picking up some fruits themselves for eating. The famous fruit orchards in Mekong delta are Cai Be Orchard – Tien Giang, Phong Dien and My Khanh Orchard – Can Tho, Cai Mon Orchard – Ben Tre.


Cai Mon orchard of Mekong Delta

And the best way to really enjoy the wonderful water world in Mekong delta is going​ on the river cruise. By this way, travelers can simply sit on the boat and feast their eyes on the beautiful sights of the rice paddies, lush orchards and many coconut trees near the peaceful stilt houses. Furthermore, they can immerse themselves through the immense delta to discover the bustling colors of floating markets or undergo the traditional lifestyles or even take a glimpse at rural village of Vietnam.

Mekong delta tours can be the perfect choice to escape from the bustling city. And a tour in 2 days is enough for both the local people and foreigners to have their minds​ relaxed by the deep blue river, green trees, pure water and luxuriant fruit gardens here. The Mekong Delta region of Vietnam always brings people the feel of comfort and relaxing and a lot of special things to do. It is said that “it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”, this saying is totally true with the Mekong delta. No word can show the beauty of nature and people here, so come and get it!

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