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American visitor recommends delicacies at Bangkok Floating Market

Mark Weins (born in Arizona, USA) and wife have been living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also a famous food blogger. Here are some suggestions by Mark Weins that help visitors choose food when visiting the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market.

1. Pla pao

One of the best things to try at the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market is pla pao. This is a famous grilled fish of Thailand.

A stall in the middle of the market offers delicious grilled fish. There are dozens of barbecues at the bar and every time you can rip a hundred fish.


Pla pao

Guests can choose fruit, tilapia or seabass. Then the chef will be processed and then baked up, cooked fish is presented in the box and then out for guests with sauce and vegetables. A grilled spinach looks superficial, but when you enjoy it you find it delicious. Sauce is also delicious, it is a special seafood sauce of Thailand mixed with lemon, garlic, chili. Another type of sauce is made from ground chili and tomato and both kinds of sauces have a special taste.

The price of a fish here is about 250 baht (157,000 VND).

2. Goong ob woon sen

Guests can find several goong ob woon sen stalls. This is an attractive dish, especially for shrimp lovers.

According to food blogger Mark Weins, the goong ob woon sen in this floating market only lost to every Somsak Boo Ob restaurant that he had eaten during his stay in Bangkok.


Gong ob woon sen

Vermicelli is reduced with the taste of garlic, ginger, black pepper, pepper Sichuan, so tender moderately, eat very tasty. Shrimp is not over cooked, still retain the fat and the meat of the inside of the shell.

In addition, the dish is impressed by the accompanying tartar sauce, balanced by the sour and sweet taste of the ingredients. The combination of sauce, shrimp and vermicelli is “excellent”.

The price for a regular food buyer is 150 baht (95,000 VND).

3. Gai galae

Gai galae is the favorite of the grilled chicken in Southern Thailand.


Gai galae

Grilled chicken and wrapped in Thai BBQ sauce made from coconut milk and dried chilli. The dish is spicy, greasy and fragrant with a bit of chilli flavor.

The galae portion of the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market is 25 baht (16,000 VND).

4. Small pineapple

Mark Weins also suggests another mild dessert, a small pineapple, native to Chiang Rai. The small pineapple, after peeling left a stalk very handy. Thai Pineapple is sweet, watery and fragrant, suitable to finish your fleshy and fatty meal earlier in the floating market.


Small pineapple

Price for a meal just about 40 baht (25,000 VND).

5. Khao lam

When preparing to leave the floating market, you still want to bring a snack to go home, then choose khao lam. It is rice sticky rice, coconut milk stuffed into the bamboo tube and baked up slowly.


Khao lam

The baking and cooking process, the more flexible, and the baking process in the green bamboo tube also make the flavor more rich. The small rice pipe is suitable for you to bring or eat along the way. You can not always find good places to eat in Bangkok, so take advantage when shopping at floating markets.

Price for a khao lam is about 40 bath (25,000 VND).

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