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All about Okinawa – great tourist destination of Japan

If Tokyo doesn’t sound interesting or new to you anymore, and so you’re searching a totally new place, new experience for your coming-up trip to Japan, then why don’t you try making a journey to Okinawa, a potential tourist destination of the country of peach blossom.

This place will​ definitely bring you endless joy, irresistible attractions​ that you won’t​ be able to forget once having a chance to visit this beautiful island.

Now, let’s check the fancy destinations of Okinawa out with me!

1. Nago Central Park

The ideal time to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Okinawa’s beaches is Spring (from March to June) and Autumn (from September to December). However, if you want ​to contemplate the first cherry blossom season of this island, the trip to Okinawa from the end of January to the end of February will be a much more perfect time.


Nago Central Park

Just imagine that you’re here in its cherry blossom season, there’s nothing can be more romantic and peaceful than just walking along the beach on your bare feet and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the roads highlighted with light pink of blossoming cherry flowers.

Popular places to see Okinawa cherry blossoms are: Nakijin Castle, Yogi Park or Nago Central Park – the largest cherry blossom plant in Okinawa.

2. Manzamo Rock Cape

This is one of the first places to check-in to prove the beauty of paradise in Okinawa. Visitors generally have many ways and many backgrounds​ to take​ good photos​ here, especially when the sun goes down, all the island and sea are like being colored with a gorgeous sunset’s color.


Manzamo Rock Cape

Coming​ to this destination on Okinawa island, you will have a precious chance to admire the unique shape of the stones here, which is also a privilege that nature offers this land.

3. Makishi Night Market

Local people of Okinawa love to buy foods in markets, because in the market here, all products are fresh, from fish, meat, to vegetables, especially seafood. You can buy the item and have the seller show you how to cook it properly.


Makishi night market

Don’t worry if you might annoy them for doing that, because the people of Okinawa are very friendly, they’ll help you with a lovely, warm smile on their face.

4. Shuri Castle

Although being​ destroyed much during the war, it was restored in 1992 to be a tourist attraction of the island. According to the UNESCO website​, Shuri Castle was the former residence of the royal family in Ryukyu.


Shuri castle

5. Okinawa World Theme Park

The park is divided into three main areas: Habu Part, Ryukyu Kingdom Village and Gyokusendo Cave.


Okinawa World Theme Park

The Crown Village is a replica of a traditional village in Okinawa that gives you a glimpse of the life of the people of the island before the 19th century. Joining​ the traditional handicraft villages or enjoying the delicious local traditional dishes are the recommended activities when coming here.

Gyokusendo Cave is the second largest cave system in Japan. The geologic formations here are formed during the course of 300,000 years.

At Habu Park you can learn about different snakes and other things related to snakes.

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