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Airport Information In Singapore

Airport Information In Singapore

Despite Singapore’s small physical size, we boast one of the best airports in the world. While there are quite a number of airports in Singapore, most are for military or private uses.

The only commercial airport in Singapore is Changi International Airport (or Changi Airport to many). There are currently two terminals – Terminal One and Terminal Two. Work on Terminal Three has already begun and are expected to complete (I hope to complete my articles before it does!!) in a few years’ time.
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Like most public facilities in Singapore, Changi Airport is designed to work flawlessly. Everything seemed to be in place, and it also boost a “Lowest Price Guarantee” for its duty-free goods.

Arriving and departing at the Changi Airport is quite effortless and quick, signs are displayed clearly and there are many airport staff available to assist you if you need any assistance.

It also boast (both terminals, mind you!) one of the largest number (each!) of shops in both the departure/arrival lounge and outside the departure/arrival lounge. Think of anything, you can probably get it at the airport (but remember, dont spend all your money there!!).

Getting to town from Changi Airport is also extremely easy. You will be spoilt for choices, you have taxis, limousines, buses, shuttle services (wagon, mini-buses etc.), car rentals etc. etc. I am quite sure I have left out some..

It is also affordable, costs start from a few Singapore dollars to less than S$30 (by taxi). The trip to town should not take more than 20 – 30 mins.

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I once witness an incident that happened at the Changi Airport.

I was picking up a client from Terminal One, Gate 21, when I saw a girl broke her bottle of wine (at the arrival hall, Terminal One, outside Gate 20/21) which she just bought from the Duty-Free presumably, so naturally she left behind a puddle of mess.

I was telling myself “Let’s see how the best airport in the world react to this!” then, and took a quick look at my watch to see the time it happened.

Do you know what happened next? Within 1 minute, a floor supervisor was on site, talking into his walkie-talkie, presumably passing on some instructions. Within the next minute sign boards “Cleaning in Progress” was placed at each end of the mess by his staff. By the next minute another 2 staff turn up with mops, cleaning machine (I presume that is a wet-vacuum cleaner), cloths etc. and started the cleaning job. Next come the blower (to dry the floor I think).

In total, in less than 7 minutes, the mess is cleared!

At the end of it, I told myself “Hey, now I am proud to be a Singaporean!”.

Now you know why Changi Airport in one of the best in the world!

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