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Admiring the peaceful Bao Ninh beach of Quang Binh

Located in the East of Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province, Bao Ninh peninsula connects with the city by Nhat Le bridge, adjacent to the romantic Nhat Le beach.

On the journey to discover Dong Hoi, tourists will be fascinated by the quiet, peaceful space of the wild, untouched heaven on Bao Ninh beach, stretching along Nhat Le river in a serene environment, which looks like a fairy sleeping. You will be merged into the wonderful nature here, drop your soul in the relaxing atmosphere of the whisper of the wind and waves, the green coconut trees lying close to the small houses of Bao Ninh fishing village, you can also see the children playing on the beach every afternoon or wander around the seashore in the early morning to watch the sunrise.


Bao Ninh with its pristine beauty

Nhat Le Bridge is the most ideal place that visitors can stand there and admire the whole scene of the beach. From the bridge overlooking to the sea, you’ll see the crystal blue water of Bao Ninh sea, have chance to see the sands stretching kilometers. The sea here is like a magic pearl, the special point for the irresistible attractiveness of Bao Ninh is because it has one side is the sea, the other is Nhat Le river, which create a poetic scenery for this place, makes this place one of must-visit destinations when traveling to Dong Hoi.

At night, standing on the Nhat Le Bridge, you can see the beauty of tranquility in the calmness of Bao Ninh sea, there will be only you with the sound of sea waves, the sparse fishing boats on the sea, sparkling spotlights of the fishing village,… all make this place look like a painting of a certain famous artist. The highlight of the sea is Bao Ninh white sand mixed with yellow interweaving visitors to explore.


The view from Nhat Le bridge

Bao Ninh Square, located right on the beach, is a new amusement and recreation area for indigenous people as well as guests who come from another place. In Bao Ninh square, there is a regular festival held by the local fishermen.

The wildness of Bao Ninh beach always attracts people who love to explore, experience come to find new feelings. In the surrounding of Bao Ninh sea, there are monuments such as ancient citadel, Whale shrine, which represent for the cultural icon of fishermen in Bao Ninh fishing village.


Waiting for the sunrise on Bao Ninh beach is also a great expe

Alternatively, guests can also take part in some beach sports such as beach volleyball, soccer, kite flying every afternoon or simply walking on the sand and sightseeing, listening to the sound of sea waves in the afternoon.

Wandering around Dong Hoi city to learn about traditional culture, lifestyle,… of local people is an experience can’t be missed when coming here. On the moonlit nights, local people often organize special and interesting festivals such as boat racing, paddle rafting, dancing with the chanting sound of drumbeat, the hustle of fishermen on Bao Ninh sea,…

Coastal cuisine is always attractive to visitors by the seafood dishes such as dried squid, dried fish, grilled shrimp,… But if you want to buy fresh seafood, you can go to the beach early in the morning when the fishing boats come back from their fishing trip with baskets full of fresh fishes, and they often sell the fish much cheaper than in the market.

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