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Activities can’t be missed when coming to Chau Doc

If you are looking for a place not too far away from the central city, Saigon, but still has the attractive tourist characteristics like architecture, geography, and history,… The wonderful destination for you will be Chau Doc.

Chau Doc town in An Giang province, near the Cambodian border, is a mix of diverse cultures with extraordinary outdoor activities. This multicultural land is the place where the convergence of the elites, beliefs, ways of life and works of the Kinh, Khmer, and Cham people.

1. Discovering the imposing Sam Mountain

Sam Mountain also has other names such as Vinh Te Son or Lau Son. It is a small mountain, 284m high, lying between Long Xuyen, in the area of Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc town. From Chau Doc town, go 5km further to a junction at the foot of the mountain, turn left to the top of Sam Mountain. This road dates back to the French colonial period, where it was once a fortified town of the “new Chau Doc” of the Nguyen.


The mysterious Sam Mountain of Chau Doc

Under the influence of Chinese, Vietnamese and Khmer cultures, Sam Mountain is famous for its long, secluded pagodas, where local Buddhists perform annual pilgrimages. Here, visitors can visit landmarks such as Ba Chua Xu Pagoda, Ancient Xi’an Temple and learn more about Buddhism, Hinduism and the way of worshiping the ancestors of local people here.

2. Exploring the life on the water surface

An experience in Chau Doc will definitely make you feel memorable once enjoying sailing and exploring the life on the river here. In the traditional boat trip, visitors will experience a part of the local life along the Mekong River: the bustling floating market with boats full of fruit and vegetables.


The floating market in Chau Doc

The floating village on the river with the people cultivating fish and shrimp. Also, on this journey, visitors can visit Cham village, where there are ancient wooden floors, leaning against the water and the hospitable Cham people.

3. Visiting Tra Linh Nature Reserve

Tra Linh Nature Reserve, with an area of 845 hectares, has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area of Mekong Delta. It is home to a variety of birds and rare animals of the river. The most interesting time is from July to December every year when birds gather here to prepare for the breeding season.


Tra Linh Nature Reserve with diversified ecosystem

When coming here, visitors can discover the reserve by motorboat through the small canals, listen to the bird songs in the luxuriant bushes and watch the wild yellow flowers.

4. Participating in a cooking class

Staying at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, visitors will have the opportunity to come to a culinary journey full of cultural identity and Vietnamese history, by visiting the peaceful village of Cham and discovering the recipe of some special dishes which have unique flavors here.


A special dish of Cham people

This special trip will lead you to Chau Doc market to select materials, follow the water along Hau River to the peaceful Cham village where interesting stories will be told you by the friendly tour guides. In particular, visitors can dine before returning to the unique traditional pedicab – cyclo at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel.

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