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A Unique Experience Of The Underground Life In The American War

A Unique Experience Of The Underground Life In The American War

  • Cu Chi tunnels

70 km from downtown HCM city, 1 hour and 45 minutes by car.

The network of underground tunnels were used as the Vietnamese guerrillas bases during the wars resistant against French and American. The Cu Chi Tunnels were vital to the Viet Cong victory over the Americans in that they allowed the Viet Cong to control a large rural area around Saigon. Today the remaining tunnels of this amazing intricate network have become a major tourist attraction giving the visitor a unique experience of what underground life in the American war was like.

Sightseeing: the intriguing hide-out tunnels dug by local guerrillas and Ben Duoc War Memorial.

Facilities & services: Ben Duoc restaurants, shooting range and canoeing on the Saigon River.

  • Dien Bien Phu

The town of north – west mountainous border province of Lai Chau, 490 km from Ha Noi, 1 hour by plane from Hanoi.

Sightseeing: a small town ringed by high mountains and populated by Thai minorities and famous for the decisive battle which put an end to French colonialism in Indochina in 1954. Historical sites include the Dien Bien Phu Museum, Eliane Hill, De Castries’ bunkers and a memorial to French soldiers, Muong Phang, 36 km northeast of Dien Bien Phu, is now easily accessible where you can find General Giap’s legendary tunnels.

Facilities & services: tourist class hotels and restaurants.

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