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A real travel-holic will never say No to these awesome experience (part 2)

Let’s continue the subject that we stopped in 3 experiences that I talked about in Part 1!

4. Taking a homestay tour 

If you’re a true travel-holics, then not the 4 or 5 star hotels or luxury resorts are the best places​ for you to lie down after an energy-consuming day discovering new things or taking part in outdoor activities, but the local people’s houses, the local families that will let you stay and become a part of their family.

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A homestay experience always leaves unforgettable memories for tourists

Sounds ordinary but if you take a real homestay tour, you will find how extraordinary and memorable it can be. Once taking a homestay tour, you will feel like being a real member of the family you stay with, you can be told their interesting stories, can give a hand in preparing the dinner, have a dinner with them, and sometimes even experience their jobs, like making conical hats, fishing, making traditional cakes,… This is undeniable the best way to understand about culture and people of the place you come.

5. Diving in the sea and exploring the underwater world

Long time ago, the endless beauty of marine life has been discovered and become one of the most favorite kinds of tours that travelers wish to experience. With a wide variety of gorgeous, unique creatures that can’t be found on land, the underwater world is always a big, beautiful mystery that all travelers and adventurers want to discover.

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The underwater world is always a mystery

Just imagine that you’re in the blue pure water, with fishes in every colors swimming around, and the base decorated by colorful​ coral reefs, crabs and other creatures,… You will never have to disappoint for choosing to dive in the sea because its magnificent scenery that you won’t be able to forget.

And if you have no diving experience, don’t worry, because you will be carefully taught how to dive by some experienced guides. So what are you waiting for but not taking a diving tour to discover the miracle underwater world?

6. Collaborating traveling and volunteering

What can be better than a trip that you can not only discover new things but also bring happiness to other poor people who need helps.

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Collaborate traveling and volunteering is one of the favorite kinds of tours of the young.

If there’s someone said a volunteer trip was boring, I said that’s because you don’t know how to find the joy from it. To me, helping people is an endless happiness. We help them having things that they need for life, they help us to get back the smile that sometimes we forget about. Thanks to this kind of trip, we can even explore the beautiful destinations, take many interesting pictures, and get to know about a new culture.

7. Making a food tour

There’s no place that doesn’t have a culinary culture. That’s why one of the best ways to get closer to a new culture is getting to know its cuisine, or try its specialties.

A-real-travel-holic-will-never-say-No-to-these-awesome-experience-(part 2)4

Culinary culture is a very important part of a region or a country

Each country, even each region will have its own ways​ to make a dish, from their recipes, their ingredients, to their ways of seasoning,… And every dish will have its own stories that can always attract the curiosity of tourists.

And that’s all for the experience that a travel-holic should try! If you want to find some fancy destinations, follow up with my articles and you will definitely find some interesting suggestions!

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