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A real travel-holic will never say No to these awesome experience (part 1)

We all know that traveling can give us more than just a relaxing time, a short break from the stressful daily life, it’s a great chance for us to discover new lands, new cultures; try new, strange kinds of foods; and even find out our hidden abilities, our new aspects. That’s why there are more and more travel-holics nowadays. People travel not only to release themselves from pressure of life, but also to discover the world and themselves. So here I’m going to show you a list of must-try experience when you decide to make an unforgettable trip.

1. Going to a new place alone

When making a trip to some new places, new lands, most of people often choose to travel with friends, family,… right? But trust me, traveling alone to a new place will be much more awesome than with someone. This kind of traveling will not an ordinary trip but a great chance for you to discover everything you see, to learn everything you need, to really feel yourself and to really find yourself.

A-real-travel-holic-will-never-say-No-to-these-awesome-experience-(part 1)1

Traveling alone can help you grow up

You don’t have to go so far for an experience like this, just choose somewhere that you want to come, and backpack along with your baggage the experiences​ shared by the experienced travelers who have been to that place before. And here you are ready to carry your baggage and go!

In an alone trip, you can find your self-confidence, learn new useful skills, and even make some new friends,… Isn’t it awesome?

2. Going to your hometown

There’s not many people growing up and growing old right in their hometown, right! We’re​ all fly to another places, such as bustle cities, busy countries to find chances, and we all of course sometimes forget how our hometown look. Therefore, a trip to the hometown is something you can’t ever miss.

A-real-travel-holic-will-never-say-No-to-these-awesome-experience-(part 1)2

Hometown always has our precious memories

This won’t only be a short break for your mind to escape from the noise of cities, but also a precious chance to visit the old relatives, listen to their stories in which you can find interesting childhood of your parents,… That’s why I prefer calling this kind of tour “A time travel” than just “A tour to hometown”, in which I can find precious memories that sometimes being lost somewhere in my mind.

3. Climbing to a mountain

Don’t ever say No to climbing mountains just because you’re afraid of height or difficulty in a journey to conquer a high mount! I can promise you that once you get to the top, the magnificent, wonderful and fancy scenery there can make you speechless, and even feel like being lost in a fairy land, with clouds flying by, poetic landscape,…You will have chance to open your eyes and enjoy the endless beauty of nature. Especially, in a country that mountainous terrain dominates like Vietnam, you can easily find a mountain that has breath-taking scenery to conquer, from North to South, such as Fansipan, Pu Luong, Bach Moc Luong Tu in the North, Hong Linh and Bach Ma in the Central, or Lang Biang of Tay Nguyen.

A-real-travel-holic-will-never-say-No-to-these-awesome-experience-(part 1)3

Climbing mountain is always a favorite choice of many travelers

The journey to conquer the mountains may be hard but every second will be just worth trying once you meet the peak, stand there and look down on every natural masterpieces below.

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