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9 tasty street foods in Bangkok

Mentioning about Bangkok tours, there’s no way we can ignore the street foods here, which make most of tourists who once coming to Thailand have to fall for at first time trying.

Well, have you ever wondered how Thai street foods in Bangkok can help Thai tourism attract that huge wave of tourists each year?

If yes, let’s follow me to find out some wonderful dishes of the country of Golden Temples!

1. Pad see ew


Pad see ew

Made of rice noodles, stir-fried with spinach and oyster sauce. This dish is popular with many Bangkokians. If you want more flavors, more new and interesting experience, you can choose pad see ew with chicken, pork or fried eggs.

Places to come: Ran Guay Jab Jaedang, Ratchawithi Road.

2. Som tam


Som tam

Many visitors who come to Bangkok have become “addicted” to this dish. Main ingredient of som tam is green papaya, and the locals will process it like a kind of salad. This dish is quite similar to green papaya salad of Laos and Cambodia, but som tam has a sweet taste, and eaten with roasted peanuts.

Place to come: Sukhumvit 38.

3. Moo ping


Moo ping

Usually eaten with sticky rice, moo ping is one of the rustic but very delicious street foods here. To make this dish, pork will be marinated with coconut milk and well-seasoned before being cooked. When eating, you can dip with the special jaew chili sauce, this combination can make you unable to forget about your Bangkok trip.

Place to come: Sukhumvit 38.

4. Guay teow rhua


Guay teow rhua

Guay teow rhua is a traditional Thai noodles, which is sold on boats along the canals. This dish is now popular throughout Bangkok, which is served with spinach, pork or beef.

Place to try: Noodle Boat alley, near Victory monument

5. Khao pad poo


Khao pad poo

Fried rice is no more a strange, new dish to tourists, but khao pad poo will make you change your thought about fried rice in Bangkok. Khao Poo Poo uses jasmine rice and Thai special fish sauce, cooked with crab, scallops, sprinkle with coriander and lemon.

Place to come: Naay Mong, 539 Thanon Phlapplaachai.

6. Moo dad diew


Moo dad diew

Moo dad diew is a famous Thai food. While making it, the cook will marinate the pork with black soy sauce, coriander and fish sauce, dry the marinated piece of pork in the sun until the meat ready to eat. Then, the pork will be fried and eaten with chili sauce

7. Kanom jeen


Kanom jeen

Kanom jeen is made with noodles, chicken or fish, served with raw vegetables, cucumber and other types of herbs and spices. This dish is very popular because it can be eaten for both breakfast and dinner.

Place to come: Ko Lun, Thanon Mahanop, Bangkok.

8. Cha yen


Cha yen

You can find cha yen, a kind of Thai milk tea, at all Thai restaurants around the world but don’t expect it will be as good as while trying it right in Bangkok. To make cha yen, they’ll use black tea, add a bit mint and mint juice. Consequently, this drink has a distinctive red color. You should drink cha yen when it is cold and add some condensed milk to create the sweet taste for it.

Place to come: Or Tor Kor Market, Kamphaeng Phet.

9. Khao muang mango sticky rice


Khao muang mango sticky

Mango sticky rice is one of the most famous Thai food in the world. This dish is the best when using the ripe Thai mango. To add more flavors into it, the processor will add a bit roasted peanuts, sesame and green beans.

Place to come: Thonglor Night Market, Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok.

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