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8 extremely fancy experiences in Nha Trang tours (part 2)

Let’s continue to find out the rest of the list of must-try experiences in Nha Trang that we paused with 4 first activities in the PREVIOUS part!

5. Scuba diving

When participating in this game, visitors will be equipped with professional equipment such as a diver including diving clothes, eyeglasses, snorkel,… After spending some time receiving a training from the instructor, you will begin exploring the ocean at a depth of 10 – 15 meters.

The gorgeous coral reefs, along with cute, colorful sea creatures will fascinate you. Every visitor participating in this game under the sea has a guide coming along during the whole journey, so you can completely feel safe when risking this game.


Scuba diving is always one of the most favorite games in Nha Trang

  • Price: VND749.000 / twice, VND500.000 / once
  • Time: From 7h00 to 13h00

6. Surfboarding

In comparison to other windsurfing games, surfboarding by canoe is probably the easiest one to play. No need to wait for surf, wind, the surfboard is operated by the pulling force of the canoe. However, to participate, players still need to take a basic course to keep balance on the water.

After wearing the lifejacket, participant’s legs will be placed on a longboard, all participant need to do is holding the ends of the ropes tied to the canoes, and there you can glide comfortably on the water. The techniques such as changing the handle wire, acrobatics need a certain practicing time to do.


Surfboarding is also an interesting sport in Nha Trang

  • The price at the beach in the city: VND700.000
  • Price on island: VND800.000 (1 person / 15 minutes)

7. Riding water moto

Riding water moto is almost like riding a motorbike. Guests will need to wear life jackets, guided how to operate and handle jetski when being capsized. If not accompanied by any technician, you must make sure to stay away from boats or obstacles on the sea, ride at least 30 meters from the shore, the place which is not too crowded with people,…

Among the vast blue sea, you can ride on the waves at 70 – 80 km/hr but be careful that the water that falls on your face will make you feel a bit hurt.

The jetski flip is very normal, so when this happens, the moto will be still floating, so you just need to keep calm and continue getting on the moto to ride. Also, make sure you do not run out of control of the rescue team!


Riding water moto is definitely a sport for speed-lovers

  • Price: VND800.000 / 30 minutes
  • Play on the island: VND450,000 / 30 minutes

8. Mineral bath

For those who do not like adventure, this experience is definitely what you should choose. If you go in a group, you should choose the mud bath service, by this, you will have a chance to relax in the very healthy mud of this place. It can be much funnier with friends and relatives in the pool of mud bath.


Mineral bath is very good for health

  • Price from VND80,000 / person

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