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8 extremely fancy experiences in Nha Trang tours (part 1)

Nha Trang is always considered to be one of the most famous tourist cities of Vietnam, where you will have a chance to experience many exciting activities, such as snorkeling, motor water, flyboard or walking under the sea,… Which will definitely make your trip memorable and interesting than ever?

1. Walking under the sea

You want to try the awesome feeling of diving under the sea and watching the gorgeous marine life there? Then, why don’t you come to Nha Trang to try a totally different diving adventure with a completely new feeling that you won’t ever forget? That’s walking under the sea.


Walking under the sea will definitely one of the best experiences in your tours

You might be scared of not knowing how to swim? Don’t worry, you’ll be wearing a helmet like an astronaut hat which can help you breathe normally with your nose under water without having to worry about face-to-face contacting with water, water in your ear, or having to breathe by mouth instead of nose. In addition, the coaches will help you get a memorable adventure diving experience.

  • Ticket price: VND890.000 for an adult
  • Time: 7:30 – 13:30

2. Flyboard

A watersport which is quite familiar to not only international guests but also to domestic tourists, that’s flyboard, a game that can make you come from this feeling to another feeling.

Flyboard, like many other water sports, requires players to be at least familiar and active in the water environment, in need of health to perform acrobatic and water sports. To play this game, players will have to spend about an hour practicing with the coach. But once getting used to the way the flyboard works, you’ll absolutely love this game a lot.


Flyboard is one of the most interesting watersports that you must try in Nha Trang

  • For 5 minutes: VND450.000
  • For 10 minutes: VND850.000
  • For 20 minutes: VND1.600.000

3. Paragliding

To play this game with the parachute, you will first of all have to wear a life jacket, carry a safety belt. You’ll wear a large parachute in the back which is connected to the seatbelt and a rope from 30 to 50-meter-long connecting with your canoe.

When experiencing this interesting game, tourists will feel like sitting on a flying carpet and immersing in the extremely cool, fresh air here, as well as the wonderful scenery below when looking down at the beach.


Paragliding is a challenging watersport in Nha Trang

The cool, fresh air of a coastal region like Nha Trang will absolutely give you a lot of wonderful moments that you can never forget.

The game will end when the zipper falls down, at that time, you will fall freely until your foot touches the water surface. The feeling of playing this game is only expressed in two words “great”.

  • Price on the island: VND450,000 / 1 person
  • Price in the mainland: VND350.000 / 1 person

4. Riding a banana float

This is a challenging watersport with a 5 to 7-seat float. When taking part in this game, the traveler will have to wear a life jacket and then sit on a banana float (looks like kayak boat) which is tied to the canoe with a sturdy cable.

The canoe will sail at high speed from 50 to 80 km / h. However, if you go for the first time and you absolutely have no experience in this, you should ask the canoe driver to slow down.


Riding a banana float is a very exciting experience

  • Price: VND700.000 / 15 minutes
  • For 5 – 7 people playing on the island, the price is VND800.000

And those are 4 out of 8 experiences that any tourist must once try when coming to the coastal city, Nha Trang. To find out the other 4 experiences, let’s follow me to the NEXT part of this article!

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