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7 unforgettable experiences on the tropical island, Borneo

Borneo is an island in the territory of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, attracting visitors with pristine forests and unique multicolored cultures.

Coming to Borneo, visitors can take part in these fancy activities below.

1. Dive with sea turtles in Sipadan

Imagine you kneel on the golden sands, watching the turtles just inches from you. This is an exciting experience awaiting you at the blue sea of Sipadan Island, Borneo.


Dive with sea turtles in Sipadan

Not only watching turtles, you can also dive around the shallow waters of the shallow waters of the eastern side of this small island. Around you are a group of colorful yellow fish. Dive a little deeper into the deep water, you will be watching a lot more kinds of fishes and marine creatures.

2. Conquer the highest mountain in Southeast Asia

At 4,095 meters above sea level, Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. This is an easy mountain to conquer, the road is relatively easy to go.


Conquer the highest mountain in Southeast Asia

Kinabalu is a favorite mountain of plant lovers. In addition to insect-collecting plants, up to 1,200 varieties live in cool, wet conditions. This is also home to baby frogs.

Although climbing takes just about a day, most people choose to spend the night in Laban Rata, at an altitude of 3272m before heading off to dawn and conquering the mountain​.

3. Excursions on the river

The great Kinabatangan is considered as the route through the complex terrain of Borneo. This is the land of elephants, elephant-nose monkeys and tribal people.


Excursions on the river

To experience interesting things here, travelon the river boat at sunrise or sunset, stay at the bamboo hut in Sukau or Abai village and enjoy local specialties. You can spend the night in the forest with the guides and discover the things you have never seen in your life.

4. Enjoy rich cuisine

Borneo’s cuisine is extremely , it’s a perfect combination of cuisine of India, Malaysia and China. In addition, local people love to marinate with spices from the jungle, so you will savor the flavors you have never tasted in your life.


Enjoy rich cuisine

Just ask any Nasi Lemah vendor, they will introduce you to your favorite green forest flavor for you to see.

5. Concerts in the forest

Situated in the Borneo deep forest, Sarawak Cultural Village specializes in performing and preserving the culture and lifestyle of the Borneo tribes. This is also the venue for the annual World Festival of Tropical Forest Music, a three-day event that attracts around 24,000 participants.


Concerts in the forest

Do not just listen to the world’s top musicians, experience local life, learn customs, dances, and music among the traditional, traditional houses at the foot of Santubong Mountain.

6. Follow the natives to watching the monkeys

If you have a chance to come to Borneo, why not try to look at Orang Utan. When the environment is devastating at an alarming rate, the two Sarangak Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers in Sarawak and the Orang Utan Environmental Rehabilitation Center in Sabah will give you the chance to see this species. At close range, learn how to protect them.


Follow the natives to watching the monkeys

If you go to Sepilok, do not forget to visit the moon bear reserve. The moon bear, named after the golden streaks in front of the breed, is losing its habitat and needs our help to survive.

7. Picnic with the Penanese

For a closer experience with jungle and indigenous people, try the following suggestions. The Penanese were a nomadic tribe, they knew exactly how to live in harmony with the jungle.


Picnic with the Penanese

You need to go helicopter to Long Lellang deep in the forest, and canoe to visit them. Here, you will see how people get their food, water, shelter, baskets, bracelets from the rattan wires, and even make bamboo musical instruments. This is a beautiful area, and the tour guide is also very knowledgeable.

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